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Dr. Mark Stephen NOBLE

Thomas Romary    Nicolas Desassis    2011   

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  • Alexandrine Gesret, Mark Noble, Thomas Romary, Nicolas Desassis. Microseismic monitoring: new accurate estimate of velocity model uncertainties and consequences on location uncertainties. EGU General Assembly 2011, Apr 2011, Austria. ⟨hal-00578150⟩
  • Alexandrine Gesret, Mark Noble, Nicolas Desassis, Thomas Romary. Microseismic Monitoring: Consequences of Velocity Model Uncertainties on Location Uncertainties. Third Passive Seismic Workshop, Eur. Ass. of Geoscientists and Engineers, Athens - Greece (2011), Mar 2011, Athens, Greece. pp.PAS31. ⟨hal-00578132⟩
  • Nicolas Desassis, Thomas Romary, Alexandrine Gesret, Mark Noble. Inversion sismique dans un milieu aléatoire. 42e Journées de Statistique, 2011, Tunisie. ⟨hal-00693166⟩