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Prof. Marc Pocard did his residency in the Paris Hospitals and during the same time studied colorectal cancer biology at the Curie Institut. He worked during 5 years as a surgeon at the Gustave Roussy Institute in Paris during which he also had the opportunity to work on peritoneal metastatic diseases. In 2006 he was nominated Professor in digestive surgery at the Paris Diderot University. He developed a peritoneal metastasis treatment program, in association with the French RENAPE network for rare peritoneal cancers. In 2009 he created a research Unit at the INSERM on Angiogenesis and again in 2019 a research Unit specifically devoted to basic and translational research on peritoneal metastasis. He practices HIPEC and PIPAC in a routine manner and is involved in clinical trials related to peritoneal metastasis. In 2018 he cofounded the International Society for the Study of Pleura and Peritoneum, named ISSPP and was elected as the first president of the ISSPP society.


Subjects of interest on research are:

-          Evaluation of new intraperitoneal drugs delivery using nanotechnology, gel as a drug carrier solution or PIPAC and associations for peritoneal metastasis

-          Evaluation of new treatments in Pseudomyxoma animal model

-          Comprehensive study on gastric adenocarcinoma with single ring cells

-          Conception of global evaluation procedure for loco regional treatment in Cancer, including personal and societal aspect

Journal articles50 documents

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