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Article dans une revue6 documents

  • Maarten Bullynck. Programming Primes (1968–1976): A Paradigmatic Program and Its Incarnations in the Age of Structured Programming. History and Philosophy of Logic, Taylor & Francis, 2015, 36 (3), pp.229 - 241. 〈10.1080/01445340.2015.1065459〉. 〈hal-01510372〉
  • Maarten Bullynck. Computing Primes (1929-1949): Transformations in the Early Days of Digital Computing. IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2015, 37 (3), pp.44 - 54. 〈10.1109/MAHC.2015.46〉. 〈hal-01510373〉
  • Maarten Bullynck. Histories of algorithms: Past, present and future. Historia Mathematica, Elsevier, 2015, 43 (3), pp.332 - 341. 〈10.1016/〉. 〈halshs-01215943〉
  • Maarten Bullynck. Erhard Weigel's Contributions to the Formation of Symbolic Logic. History and Philosophy of Logic, Taylor & Francis, 2013, 34 (1), pp.25 - 34. 〈10.1080/01445340.2012.726855〉. 〈hal-01510354〉
  • Maarten Bullynck. Stages Towards a German Mathematical Journal (1750-1800). Archives internationales d'histoire des sciences, Académie internationale d'histoire des sciences, 2013, 63 (170-171), pp.237 - 251. 〈10.1484/J.ARIHS.5.103844〉. 〈hal-01510357〉
  • Maarten Bullynck, Liesbeth De Mol. Setting-up early computer programs: D. H. Lehmer’s ENIAC computation. Archive for Mathematical Logic, Springer Verlag, 2010, 49, pp.123-146. 〈hal-01396497〉

Chapitre d'ouvrage4 documents

  • Maarten Bullynck. The history of mathematics within the progress of mankind. Modifying the narrative after 1800. Historiography of mathematics in the 19th and 20th centuries, pp.9-23, 2016. 〈hal-01510883〉
  • Maarten Bullynck. Classifications en transformation. Classifier les substances organiques en 1819 : tables, fiches, calculs et structures. François Lê et Anne-Sandrine Paumier. La classification comme pratique scientifique, III (1), pp.83-102, 2016, Cahiers Francois Viète. 〈hal-01510886〉
  • Thomas Morel, Maarten Bullynck. Une révolution peut en cacher d'autres. Le paysage morcelé des mathématiques dans l'espace germanophone et ses reconfigurations (1750-1850). Sciences mathématiques 1750-1850 Continuités et ruptures, pp.181-206, 2015. 〈hal-01510380〉
  • Maarten Bullynck. Anatomie des Beweisens. Versuch eines mathematikhistorischen Zugangs zu Erhard Weigel. Idea matheseos universae. Ordnungssysteme und Welterklärung in der zweiten Haelfte des 17. Jahrhunderts. Der Jenaer Universitaetsleher Erhard Weigel und seine Kollegen, pp.65-76, 2012. 〈hal-01510376〉

Direction d'ouvrage, Proceedings, Dossier1 document

  • Maarten Bullynck, Jean-Baptiste Joinet. HaPoC 2013 History and Philosophy of Computing. France. 2013. 〈hal-01510891〉

Pré-publication, Document de travail2 documents

  • Maarten Bullynck. The engineer's " peculiar sort of frustration " with Shannon's Boolean algebra.: Tensions between theory and practice in designing switching circuits during the 1940s. Draft prepared for a workshop on Early Digital Practices, University Siegen December 2016. 2016. 〈halshs-01541609〉
  • Maarten Bullynck. Programming men and machines. Changing organisation in the artillery computations at Aberdeen Proving Ground (1916-­1946). Draft version of an article, based upon a presentation given at ICHSTM Mancester in 2013. 2015. 〈halshs-01541616〉