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Luc Trouche, emeritus professor in mathematics education

Luc Trouche was, from 1974 to 1999, professor of mathematics in middle school then in high school in Montpellier. He was afterwards lecturer in the mathematics department of the University of Montpellier, then, from 2005, professor at the INRP and after at the French Institute of Education (ENS de Lyon). Since 2019, he has been professor emeritus of the École normale supérieure de Lyon.

He first became interested in the integration of digital technologies in the teaching of mathematics, from his doctorate led by Dominique Guin. In particular, he studied the interactions between the instrumentation process and the conceptualization processes. This study led him to analyze the role of the professor, introducing the notion of instrumental orchestration to model the management, by the professor, of the artefacts available in the environment to implement a given mathematical situation. This concept was further developed with Paul Drijvers.

Since then, he has been interested in the teacher's role as designer, in relation to the development of his knowledge, in a moment of proliferation of digital resources. This perspective led him to develop, with Ghislaine Gueudet and later Birgit Pepin, the documentational approach to didactics. In this context, it analyzes the work of teachers through interactions with the resources of their teaching. From this perspective, the notion of the teacher's resource system appears crucial to understanding the development of teachers' knowledge and the consistency of their activity.

Analyzing the interactions of teachers with resources naturally leads to an interest in their collective work. Indeed, the digitalization of communication and information leads to the emergence of more or less formal work collectives: networks, associations, communities, inside or outside schools. Studying the interactions between individual and collective resource systems provides means for understanding the dynamics of this collective work and for rethinking how to support the professional development of actors in a moment of metamorphosis of learning and teaching environments.

The Re(s)sources conference, in May 2018, was a good opportunity to deepen the questions at stake in this research trajectory. It gave rise to a book, published in 2019 by Springer: The 'Resource' Approach to Mathematics Education. A scientific day was organized in June 2019, on the occasion of his retirement and to start a new period (3 years) as professor emeritus.

Current research project: the Documentational Approach to Didactics Multilingual Project 


Journal articles3 documents

  • Luc Trouche, Paul Drijvers. Handheld technology for mathematics education: flashback into the future. ZDM Mathematics Education, 2010, 42 (7), pp.667-681. ⟨10.1007/s11858-010-0269-2⟩. ⟨hal-01538694⟩
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Directions of work or proceedings1 document

  • Ghislaine Gueudet, Luc Trouche. Ressources vives. Le travail documentaire des professeurs en mathématiques.. France. Presses Universitaires de Rennes / INRP, pp.371, 2010, Paideia. ⟨hal-00519055⟩

Book sections3 documents

  • Ghislaine Gueudet, Luc Trouche. Des ressources aux documents, travail du professeur et genèses documentaires. Ghislaine Gueudet et Luc Trouche. Ressources vives. Le travail documentaire des professeurs en mathématiques., Presses Universitaires de Rennes et INRP, pp.57-74, 2010, Paideia. ⟨hal-00497305⟩
  • Celia Hoyles, Ivan Kalas, Luc Trouche, Laurent Hivon, Richard Noss, et al.. Connectivity and Virtual Networks for Learning: The 17th ICMI Study. Celia Hoyles, Jean-Baptiste Lagrange. Mathematics Education and Technology-Rethinking the Terrain, 13, Springer US, pp.439-462, 2010, New ICMI Study Series, 978-1-4419-0145-3. ⟨10.1007/978-1-4419-0146-0_22⟩. ⟨hal-01546462⟩
  • Ghislaine Gueudet, Luc Trouche. Genèses documentaires, genèses communautaires : histoires en miroir. Ghislaine Gueudet et Luc Trouche. Ressources vives. Le travail documentaire des professeurs en mathématiques, PUR et INRP, pp.129-145, 2010, Paideia. ⟨hal-00496592⟩

Conference papers8 documents

  • Ghislaine Gueudet, Luc Trouche. Ressources en ligne et travail collectif enseignant : accompagner les évolutions de pratique.. Congrès Actualité de la Recherche en Education, Sep 2010, Genève, Suisse. pp.1-10. ⟨hal-00591222⟩
  • Ghislaine Gueudet, Luc Trouche. Teaching Resources and teachers professional development: toward a documentational approach of didactics. CERME 6, 2010, Lyon, France. pp.1359-1368. ⟨hal-00495454⟩
  • Luc Trouche. Ensino e Aprendizagem nos Tempos de hoje, O digital e o ensino de Matemática. Seminário Internacional Satélite do 34º Congresso de Psicologia da Educação Matemática, Jul 2010, São Paulo, Brésil. ⟨hal-01562599⟩
  • Rim Hammoud, Jean-François Le Maréchal, Luc Trouche. Démarches d'investigation : conceptions et usages de ressources, impact du travail collectif des professeurs. Ressources et travail collectif dans la mise en place des démarches d’investigation dans l’enseignement des sciences, EducTice, Nov 2010, Lyon, France. pp.67-76. ⟨hal-01556320⟩
  • Luc Trouche. Recherches sur l’enseignement des mathématiques et équipes de professeurs associés à l’INRP, genèses de ressources et de réseaux. Journées mathématiques de l'INRP, INRP, Jun 2010, Lyon, France. pp.35-46. ⟨hal-01558722⟩
  • Luc Trouche. Laboratórios de Matemática para o ensino, uma metáfora produtiva. HTEM 5 - Colóquio de História e Tecnologia no Ensino da Matemática, Grupo de Estudo em Novas Tecnologias e Educaçãp da UFPE, Jul 2010, Recife, Brésil. ⟨hal-01562598⟩
  • Luc Trouche. Nueva dinámica para la enseñanza de las matemáticas?. EICAL 4 – Encuentro Internacional Sobre la Enseñanza del Calculo, Sep 2010, Puebla, Mexico. ⟨hal-01562498⟩
  • Jana Trgalová, Luc Trouche, Ana Paula Jahn, Iranete Lima, Hussein Sabra. Sourcing and re-sourcing teachers activity. Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, PME, Jul 2010, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. pp.114. ⟨hal-01559833⟩

Reports2 documents

  • Sophie Soury-Lavergne, Ghislaine Gueudet, Catherine Loisy, Luc Trouche. Parcours de formation de formateurs et de stagiaires : suivi et analyse. [Rapport de recherche] INRP. 2010. ⟨hal-00988915⟩
  • Luc Trouche. Un institut de recherche, développant des ressources vivantes avec et pour les acteurs de l’éducation : Rapport du groupe de réflexion "ressources". [Rapport de recherche] INRP. 2010. ⟨hal-01551095⟩