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Luc Trouche, emeritus professor in mathematics education

This page presents my main scientific production from the beginning of my carreer as a researcher (1999, Department of Mathematics, Montpellier University) till the end of my carreer as an emeritus professor (2019, French Institute of Education, Ecole normale supéreure de Lyon). Before 1999, I was a mathematics teacher in different middle or upper secondary schools (1974-1999).

In previous years, my research has been dedicated to the study of ICT integration in Mathematics Education, from my PhD with Dominique Guin. In particular, I have studied the interplay between instrumentation processes and conceptualization processes. This work inspired me to study the teacher's role, introducing the notion of instrumental orchestration to model the management of available artefacts (for teaching a particular mathematical topic) in the classroom, and developing this concept in a joint work with Paul Drijvers. Now my focus is resource design and teacher professional development in the time of digitalization. This has led me to develop, in a joint work with Ghislaine Gueudet and Birgit Pepin, the documentational approach to didactics. In this frame, I analyse teacher learning through the ‘lens of resources’. In this perspective, the notion of teacher resource system appears crucial in order to understand teacher (developing) knowledge and the coherence of teacher activity.

Investigating teachers’ work with resources leads to consider teachers’ collective work. Indeed, digitalization favours the emergence of more or less formal collectives: networks; teaching groups; and learning communities within or out of schools. Studying the interactions between individual and collective teachers’ resource systems gives means for understanding the dynamics of these collectives, and for rethinking the way of supporting teacher development at a time of the ‘metamorphosis’ of teaching environments.

The Re(s)sources conference, in May 2018, was an occasion for deepening the issues at stake in this trajectory of research.

conference was organized, in June 2019, at the occasion of my retirement, and for starting my new status (3 years) as emeritus professor.


Journal articles2 documents

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Conference papers3 documents

  • Luc Trouche. Teaching of Mathematics in France: A still unfinished counter-reform, a questioned field: Some conditions to be able to manage the crisis of mathematics teaching. 9th International Congress on Mathematical Education, 2000, Tokyo/Makuhari, Japan. ⟨hal-01568245⟩
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