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  • Luc Hillairet, Victor Kalvin, Alexey Kokotov. Spectral Determinants on Mandelstam Diagrams. 34 pages, 3 figures. 2015. <hal-01081347>
  • Luc Hillairet, Victor Kalvin, Alexey Kokotov. Moduli spaces of meromorphic functions and determinant of Laplacian. 43 pages. 2015. <hal-01081344>
  • Luc Hillairet, Chris Judge. Hyperbolic triangles without embedded eigenvalues. 61 pages, 3 figures. 2015. <hal-01081346>
  • Luc Hillairet, Alexey Kokotov. Krein formula and S-matrix for Euclidean Surfaces with Conical Singularities. Accepted in Journal of Geometric Analysis. 2010. <hal-00538368v2>
  • Luc Hillairet, Chris Judge. Spectral simplicity and asymptotic separation of variables. 53 pages, 2 figures. 2010. <hal-00445680>
  • Luc Hillairet. Finite deficiency indices and uniform remainder in Weyl's law. 7 p., references added. 2010. <hal-00445686v2>
  • Luc Hillairet. Eigenvalue variations and semiclassical concentration. to be published in the proceedings of the conference 'Spectrum and Dynamics', Montréal, 2008. 2009. <hal-00438761>
  • Andrew Hassell, Luc Hillairet, Jeremy Marzuola. Eigenfunction concentration for polygonal billiards. 9 pages, 3 figures. 2008. <hal-00345660>
  • Luc Hillairet, Chris Judge. Generic spectral simplicity of polygons. length reduced to 6 pages, 1 figure. 2008. <hal-00345668>
  • Andrew Hassell, Luc Hillairet. Ergodic billiards that are not quantum unique ergodic. 11 pages, 1 figure. The paper, authored by Andrew Hassell, now includes an appendix by Andrew Has.. 2008. <hal-00345657>
  • Luc Hillairet, Chris Judge. The eigenvalues of the Laplacian on domains with small slits. 29 pages, 3 figures. 2008. <hal-00345667>

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  • Luc Hillairet. Contribution d'orbites périodiques diffractives à la formule de trace. Mathématiques [math]. Université Joseph-Fourier - Grenoble I, 2002. Français. <tel-00001664>