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    Laurent Romary

    Inria, Directeur de Recherche - Senior Researcher

    • DARIAH EU infrastructure, director
    • ISO/TC 37, chair (ISO TC 37/SC 4/WG 2, convenor)




    DIALOGUE    "Nadia Bellalem"   

    Conference papers7 documents

    • Laurent Romary, Nadia Bellalem. Structural Analysis of Co-verbal Deictic Gesture in Multimodal Dialogue System. Gesture Workshop'96, 1996, York, United Kingdom. ⟨hal-00521584⟩
    • Nadia Bellalem, Laurent Romary, Frédéric Wolff. Gestural Prosody in Man-Machine Task-Oriented Dialogues. Workshop on the Integration of Gesture in Language and Speech, 1996, Newark, Delaware, United States. ⟨hal-00521592⟩
    • Nadia Bellalem, Laurent Romary, Daniel Schang. Which representation for a proper treatment of referring expressions in a man-machine multimodal dialogue. ESCA Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems, Theories and Applications, 1995, Vigso, Denmark. pp.61-64. ⟨hal-00521589⟩
    • Nadia Bellalem, Laurent Romary. Reference interpretation in a multimodal environment combining speech and gesture. First International Workshop on Intelligence and Multimodality in Multimedia Interfaces, 1995, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 5 p. ⟨hal-00521585⟩
    • Laurent Romary, Nadia Bellalem, Daniel Schang. Positioning objects in a graphical environment: Reference and Gesture. Time, Space and Identity, 1994, Lexington, United States. ⟨inria-00525180⟩
    • Nadia Bellalem, Laurent Romary. Le dialogue homme-machine multi-modal ; vers la compréhension du geste de désignation. L'Interface des mondes réels et virtuels, 1993, Montpellier, France. ⟨hal-00521586⟩
    • Laurent Romary, Nadia Bellalem, Bertrand Gaiffe. Gestion de la référence dans un dialogue Homme-Machine. Colloque CNRS ``Images et langages'', 1993, Paris, France. ⟨inria-00526964⟩