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    Laurent Romary

    Inria, Directeur de Recherche - Senior Researcher

    • DARIAH EU infrastructure, director
    • ISO/TC 37, chair (ISO TC 37/SC 4/WG 2, convenor)





    Journal articles3 documents

    • Laurent Romary, Chris Armbruster. Beyond institutional repositories. International Journal of Digital Library Systems, IGI Global, 2010, 1 (1), pp.44-61. ⟨hal-00399881⟩
    • Chris Armbruster, Laurent Romary. Comparing Repository Types - Challenges and barriers for subject-based repositories, research repositories, national repository systems and institutional repositories in serving scholarly communication. International Journal of Digital Library Systems, IGI Global, 2010, 1 (4), pp.61-73. ⟨inria-00465197v2⟩
    • Laurent Romary. Archives scientifiques en ligne : entretien avec Laurent Romary , propos recueillis par Dominique Chouchan. Les Cahiers de l'INRIA - La Recherche, INRIA, 2010, La nouvelle physiologie du goût. ⟨inria-00511279⟩

    Conference papers10 documents

    • Florian Zipser, Laurent Romary. A model oriented approach to the mapping of annotation formats using standards.. Workshop on Language Resource and Language Technology Standards, LREC 2010, May 2010, La Valette, Malta. ⟨inria-00527799⟩
    • Foudil Bretel, Patrice Lopez, Maud Medves, Alain Monteil, Laurent Romary. Back to meaning - information structuring in the PEER project. TEI Conference, Nov 2010, Zadar, Croatia. ⟨inria-00537302⟩
    • Laurent Romary. Outlining a scholarly workbench – publication and data as a continuum. eScidoc days, The Royal Library, Nov 2010, Copenhaguen, Denmark. ⟨inria-00537845⟩
    • Kiyong Lee, Laurent Romary. Towards Interoperability of ISO Standards for Language Resource Management. ICGL 2010, Jan 2010, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China. 9p. ⟨inria-00441562⟩
    • Pustejovsky James, Kiyong Lee, Harry Bunt, Laurent Romary. ISO-TimeML: An International Standard for Semantic Annotation. LREC 2010, May 2010, La Valette, Malta. ⟨inria-00479847⟩
    • Patrice Lopez, Laurent Romary. HUMB: Automatic Key Term Extraction from Scientific Articles in GROBID. SemEval 2010 Workshop, ACL SigLex event, Jul 2010, Uppsala, Sweden. 4 p. ⟨inria-00493437⟩
    • Patrice Lopez, Laurent Romary. GRISP: A Massive Multilingual Terminological Database for Scientific and Technical Domains. LREC 2010, May 2010, La Valette, Malta. ⟨inria-00490312⟩
    • Samuel Cruz-Lara, Gil Francopoulo, Laurent Romary, Nasredine Semar. MLIF: A Metamodel to Represent and Exchange Multilingual Textual Information. LREC (Language Resources and Evaluation Conference), May 2010, Valletta, Malta. ⟨inria-00518060⟩
    • Patrice Lopez, Laurent Romary. Experiments with citation mining and key-term extraction for Prior Art Search. CLEF 2010 - Conference on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access Evaluation, Sep 2010, Padua, Italy. ⟨inria-00510267⟩
    • Harry Bunt, Jan Alexandersson, Jean Carletta, Jae-Woong Choe, Alex Chengyu Fang, et al.. Towards an ISO Standard for Dialogue Act Annotation. Seventh conference on International Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10), May 2010, La Valette, Malta. ⟨inria-00544997⟩

    Documents associated with scientific events2 documents

    • Laurent Romary. Using the TEI framework as a possible serialization for LMF. Rendering endangered languages lexicons interoperable through standards harmonization., Aug 2010, Nijmegen, Netherlands. ⟨inria-00511769⟩
    • Laurent Romary. Curating academic publications — a perspective for research libraries. ALPSP International Conference 2010, Sep 2010, Wyboston, United Kingdom. ⟨inria-00517052⟩

    Book sections1 document

    • Martin Holmes, Laurent Romary. Encoding models for scholarly literature. Ioannis Iglezakis, Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou, Sarantos Kapidakis. Publishing and digital libraries: Legal and organizational issues, IGI Global, pp.88-110, 2010, ⟨10.4018/978-1-60960-031-0⟩. ⟨hal-00390966v2⟩

    Reports1 document

    • Laurent Romary, Amir Zeldes, Florian Zipser. [Tiger2/] Documentation. [Technical Report] 2010. ⟨inria-00593903v2⟩