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  • Laurent Gaubert. Frequency Locking in Countable Cellular Systems, Localization of (Asymptotic) Quasi-Periodic Solutions of Autonomous Differential Systems.. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2011, 71 (1), pp.1-19. 〈hal-00822958〉
  • Pascal Redou, Laurent Gaubert, Gireg Desmeulles, Pierre-Antione Béal, Christophe Le Gal, et al.. Absolute Stability of Chaotic Asynchronous Multi-Interactions Schemes for Solving ODE. CMES : Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Tech Science Press, 2010, 70 (1), pp.11-40. 〈hal-00823479〉
  • Laurent Gaubert, Pascal Redou. SYNCHRONIZATION OF ASYMPTOTICALLY PERIODIC BEHAVIORS IN COUNTABLE CELLULAR SYSTEMS. Journal of Nonlinear Systems and Applications, 2010, 1 (1), pp.1-12. 〈hal-00822961〉
  • Laurent Gaubert, Pascal Redou, Jacques Tisseau. Frequency Locking in Tissular Coupling. Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems Series B: Applications & Algorithms, 2009, 16 (4), pp.453-470. 〈hal-00822964〉
  • Laurent Gaubert, Pascal Redou, Fabrice Harrouet, Jacques Tisseau. A first mathematical model of brood sorting by ants: Functional self-organization without swarm-intelligence. Ecological Complexity, Elsevier, 2007, 4 (4), pp.234-241. 〈hal-00932555〉

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  • Fabrice Harrouet, Gireg Desmeulles, Pascal Redou, Laurent Gaubert. 3D INDIVIDUAL BASED MODEL FOR BACTERIA GROWTH AND SPATIAL INTERACTIONS: APPLICATION TO THE CASE OF LISTERIA MONOCYTOGENES AND CARNOBACTERIUM PISCICOLA. Jan Van Impe. FoodSim'2016, Apr 2016, Gand, Belgium. FoodSim'2016, 2016. 〈hal-01336769〉