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  • Raluca Uricaru, Laurent Brehelin, Eric Rivals. A new type of Hidden Markov Models to predict complex domain architecture in protein sequences. JOBIM: Journées Ouvertes Biologie, Informatique, Mathématiques, Jul 2007, Marseille, France. pp.97-102. ⟨lirmm-00195493⟩
  • Laurent Brehelin, Olivier Gascuel. Bias and Benefit Induced by Intra-Species Paralogy in Guilt by Association Methods to Predict Protein Function. SMPGD'07: Statistical Methods for Post-Genomic Data, Jan 2007, Paris, France. ⟨lirmm-00195262⟩
  • Laurent Brehelin, Olivier Gascuel. GONNA: a Gene Ontology Nearest Neighbor Approach for the Functional Prediction of P.falciparum Orphan Genes. International Conference on the Bioinformatics of African Pathogens and Disease Vectors, May 2007, Nairobi, Kenya. ⟨lirmm-00195264⟩