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Publications of Laurent Besacier

Jakob Verbeek   

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  • Maha Elbayad, Laurent Besacier, Jakob Verbeek. Pervasive Attention: 2D Convolutional Neural Networks for Sequence-to-Sequence Prediction. CoNLL 2018 - Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning, Oct 2018, Brussels, Belgium. pp.97-107. ⟨hal-01851612v3⟩
  • Maha Elbayad, Laurent Besacier, Jakob Verbeek. Token-level and sequence-level loss smoothing for RNN language models. ACL - 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Jul 2018, Melbourne, Australia. pp.2094-2103. ⟨hal-01790879⟩
  • Hervé Bredin, Johann Poignant, Guillaume Fortier, Makarand Tapaswi, Viet-Bac Le, et al.. QCompere @ REPERE 2013. SLAM 2013 - First Workshop on Speech, Language and Audio for Multimedia, Aug 2013, Marseille, France. pp.49-54. ⟨hal-00949320⟩
  • Hervé Bredin, Johann Poignant, Makarand Tapaswi, Guillaume Fortier, Viet Bac Le, et al.. Fusion of Speech, Faces and Text for Person Identification in TV Broadcast. ECCV 2012 - 12th European Conference on Computer Vision, Oct 2012, Firenze, Italy. pp.385-394, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-33885-4_39⟩. ⟨hal-00722884⟩