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CV (English)


Laëtitia Saint-Loubert








·       Education:




PhD in Caribbean Studies, University of Warwick, UK                                                  2018                                       


Concentrations: Caribbean Literature, Translation Studies


Dissertation: “The Caribbean in Translation: Remapping Thresholds of Dislocation”


Supervisors: Prof. Susan Bassnett and Prof. Fabienne Viala




English AGREGATION (French certificate to teach in higher education)                      2014


National ranking: 54th.




English CAPES (French certificate to be an English teacher in secondary schools)         2011


National ranking: 11th.




MA in translation, Université Bordeaux 3, FR                                                                   2009


English into French, with honours. Translation of Abeng, by Michelle Cliff.


Supervisor: Prof. Christine Raguet




Degree in teaching French as Foreign Language (D.U. de FLES), Bordeaux 3, FR       2009




MA in translation, Université Bordeaux 3, FR                                                                  2008


German into French. Translation of Ankunft im Alltag, by Brigitte Reimann.




Degree in translation/conference interpreting, ITI-RI, Strasbourg, FR                          2007




MA (first year) in English Studies. Erasmus at Trier Universität, Germany – Honours   2006




Bachelor of Arts (Licence/L3) in English Bordeaux 3, FR - Honours                              2005




Hypokhâgne (classe préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles), Saint Sernin, France                   2003




·       Experience:








Early career lecturer (ATER)                                                                                  since 2017


Université de la Réunion, Indian Ocean




- English, American and Caribbean literatures (first and second-year students)


- Translation, thème & version (first-year students)




Teaching position as Postgraduate student                                                            2015-2017


University of Warwick, UK




- French Essay Writing (first-year students)


- Translation, English-French (second-year students)




English teacher                                                                                                Sept 2012 – 2015




-          At middle school level: Collège F. Rabelais, Poitiers, France (2013-2014)


-          German and Englishtutoring at various levels, including undergraduate students preparing for the Grandes Ecoles(2012-2015)


-          TOEIC/IELTStest preparation (2013-2014)




French (FLE) teacher                                                                                                  July 2012


Le Rosey, International School, Rolle, Switzerland




-          Intermediate levels (ages 12 through 17).


-          Summer camp activities




French teacher intern (FLE)                                                                                     2011-2012


Amity Programme. Central High School, St Paul, MN.




-          Grades 9th through 12th, including a French immersion class. Levels 1 through 6.


-          IB programme preparation with a strong emphasis on oral activities for lower and higher levels and written essays for the advanced levels. Discussions and panels on literary works studied in class (Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources, Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, nouvelles, etc.).




International speaker for the Minnesota International Center                   Sept 2011-Feb 2012




-          International presenter into K-12 classrooms


-          Participation in World Cultures Days


-          Powerpoint interactive presentations, games and hands-on activities






                                    FLE teacher                                                                                                                  Jan 2010


Collège Stendhal, 47190 Aiguillon, FR




-          Middle school.


-          Immigrants. Preparation of levels A1 and A2 “Delf” exams.










Translator (subtitling in English)                                                                            Sept 2017




‘Poétique du divers’, documentary film on Edouard Glissant by Guillaume Robillard




Proofreader/translator (Spanish-French)                                                     Since Nov. 2016




Contributor for the academic journal Caribbean Studies (Instituto de Estudios del Caribe, UPR, Río Piedras, San Juan)




English>French translator                                                                                       Since 2013


Planète Chinois, réseau Canopé, FR




Translation of articles for an educational magazine on Chinese culture and lifestyle.




Interpreter (German>French)                                                                                   July 2011


Berlin, Germany (Compagnons du Devoir)




In-house translator and proofreader                                                         Feb – August 2010


Syntax France, Montpellier, FR




-          Localization


-          Translation of SAP interfaces


-          Translation and proof-reading of a sound-software




Internship for a publishing house                                                                    May – June  2008


Editions Fragile, Montsempron Libos, FR




-          Translation French > English.


-          Video and guide-book intended for English-speaking tourists.


-          Editing leaflets and guides.




                                    Technical translator                                                                                              Summer 2007


Société Audemat-Aztec (radio transmitters), Mérignac, FR




-          In-house translation and proofreading of users’ manuals.




·       Research activities:








Presentation of PhD research project “The Caribbean in Translation”


Summer School on Caribbean Literature and Globalisation, University of Konstanz, 2-5 August 2017




"Translating Caribbean localities: navigating the waters of global literary circulation and/or resisting its ebb and flow?”


Lisbon Summer School for the Study of Culture on "Global Translations", Lisbon, 26 June-1 July 2017




"Isla Negra Editores: porte-voix de littératures (ré)émergentes dans l'espace littéraire caribéen", one-day conference on Les écritures et voix de l'émergence à Porto Rico et dans la Caraïbe, Université Rennes 2, 03 February 2017




“Translating Caribbean thresholds of pain from without: Hispaniola out of bounds, Hispaniola unbound?”


One-day conference on War in Poetry: Breaking into family and everyday life (paper redrafted from previous presentation at Warwick in January 2016), Université de Poitiers, 17 November 2016




"(Self-) translation: a pan-Caribbean condition?”


40th annual Society for Caribbean Studies conference, University of Newcastle, 03-05 July 2016




“Métissage des identités francophones au contact du métier à filer du traducteur”


Conference on Identités plurielles en Francophonie, Université d’Angers, 17-18 March 2016




“Translating Caribbean thresholds of pain from without: Hispaniola out of bounds, Hispaniola unbound?”


Conference on Translation and Modernism, University of Warwick, 22-23 January 2016




“Thresholds of creolisation in David Dabydeen’s The Counting House (1996) and its French translation, Terres Maudites (2000) by Ananda Devi"


39th annual Society for Caribbean Studies conference, The Drum International Arts Centre, Birmingham, 1-3 July 2015




Part of a panel on "Migration and Literature: a Cross-School Reading Group”


Modern Languages Symposium, University of Warwick, 26 May 2015




Poster presentation


Seminar on "World Literature and Untranslatability", University of East Anglia, 21 November 2014










Articles and book chapters




Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, “An (Un)easy Sell: Rebrandings of Jamaica in Marlon James’s A Brief History of Seven Killings and its French and Spanish translations”, in Brand Jamaica: Re-Imagining Jamaica’s National Image and Identity (Lincoln, NB: University of Nebraska Press), under review




Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, “ (Ré)écritures bifocales : trans-lations et trans-fusions portoricaines dans les autotraductions de Rosario Ferré et Esmeralda Santiago”, in Auteurs-traducteurs : l’entre-deux de l’écriture (Paris : Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest), forthcoming




Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, “Publishing against the tide: Isla Negra Editores, an example of pan-Caribbean transL/National solidarity", Mutatis Mutandis: La traducción literaria en el Gran Caribe, 10, 1 (2017), 46-69




Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, “Ananda Devi, traductrice bravant le kala pani”, Espaces, mémoires et savoirs dans la fiction d’Ananda Devi, Mosaïques, Université de Maroua, hors-série 3 & 4 (2017), 213-226




Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, “Francopolyphonies in translation”, Francosphères 5.2., Liverpool University Press, 5, 2 (2016), 183-196






Book reviews




Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, “Marie Vieux-Chauvet’s Dance on the Volcano (trans. by Kaiama L. Glover) and Shara MacCallum’s Madwoman”, Wasafiri, 94 (summer 2018), 112




Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, “Dark Tales of Two Cities: San Juan de aquí, San Juan de allá”, review of San Juan Noir (English and Spanish editions), ed. by Mayra Montero (Brooklyn, NY: Akashic Books 2016), SmallAxe, forthcoming








Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, “‘A Little Fire of No Consequence’, A Translation of “Un petit feu sans conséquence” by Gisèle Pineau”, Vernacular: New Connections in Language, Literature, & Culture, 2, 5 (2017)




Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, translation review of Thor Polson’s translation of Kafka’s A Hunger Artist and other stories (Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2014)




Beryl Degans & Laëtitia Saint-Loubert, Canton of Mézin: Gascon country (Montsempron Libos: Editions Fragile, 2008)








Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies PhD studentship (2014-2017)




Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Research Grant for research project conducted at Isla Negra Editores and UPR in Puerto Rico (2016)








Best Paper Award for “Translating Caribbean Localities: Navigating the Waters of Global Literary Circulation and/or Resisting its Ebbs and Flow?”, Lisbon Summer School for the Study of Culture (2017)




David Nicholls Memorial Prize for Best PG paper presented at the Society for Caribbean Studies (2017)








-          Committee member/PG Representative of the Society for Caribbean Studies (2015-2016) – selection of papers for annual conference, panel chairing, organisation of reading groups for PG students




-          Co-organiser of the first PG conference on Caribbean In/Securities and Creativity (CARISSC network) held on 23 May 2016, at the University of Birmingham




-          Research assistant (transcriptions of audio recordings) for Prof. Viala (2015)










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Chapitre d'ouvrage1 document

  • Laëtitia Saint-Loubert. "(Ré)écritures bifocales : trans-lations et trans-fusions portoricaines dans les autotraductions de Rosario Ferré et Esmeralda Santiago". Auteurs-traducteurs, l'entre-deux de l'écriture, collection Chemins Croisés, PUPO, A paraître. 〈hal-01624621〉

Autre publication1 document

  • Laëtitia Saint-Loubert. "A Little Fire of No Consequence". Traduction. 2017. 〈hal-01624596〉