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Kevin Levillain

Assistant Professor at MINES ParisTech – PSL University

Center for Management Science – i3 UMR CNRS 9217



PhD in Management Science from MINES ParisTech, 2011-2015

Les entreprises à mission : un modèle de gouvernance pour explorer l’inconnu

(Mission-Driven Companies: a governance model for innovative collectives)

Graduated from MINES ParisTech (Civil Engineer), 2007-2010


Titles and Positions

  • Co-chair of the research and teaching Chair Theory of the Enterprise (Models of governance and collective creation).
  • Member of the teaching and research Chair Design Theory and Methods for Innovative design.
  • Scientific coordinator of the research project PURPOSE, "Emergence, Conditions and Management of Purpose-Driven Companies" funded by ANR.
  • Co-chair of the standing track "Rethinking the responsible corporation", EURAM 2019 & 2020 (SIGs Business for Society & Corporate Governance)


Research areas and interests

  • Theory and models of the innovative enterprise and its governance
  • History and recent evolutions of corporate law and corporate purpose
  • Purpose-driven companies, Hybrid organizations, Impact Investing



  • "Livre RH" award 2019 from Le Monde, Syntec and SciencesPo for the book "La Mission de l'Entreprise Responsable" (2018, dir. B. Segrestin, K. Levillain)
  • Best Research Book in Management Science Award from the FNEGE, 2018 and from Consult’in France 2018 for the book “Les Entreprises à Mission”.
  • Best PhD Thesis in Management Science Award for Publication of the FNEGE, 2016
  • Best Paper Award of the Business for Society SIG at EURAM conference, 2015 in Warsaw for the paper « Renewing the debate on the purpose of the corporation: A purpose-driven model of the corporation », K. Levillain, B. Segrestin, A. Hatchuel


Teaching Activities

  • Co-head of the course “Governement of the Enterprise”, common basis curriculum – MINES ParisTech (3rd year)
  • Co-head of the course “New Enterprises and Responsible Innovation” – MINES ParisTech (2nd & 3rd year), Dauphine University (masters 101 & MTI)
  • Co-head of the "New Product Development & Innovation" courses for Engineers, PhD students and continuous training (MINES ParisTech, PSL)
  • “Innovation & Responsibility: new theory of the firm” for the Executive MBA – Paris Dauphine, UQAM
  • Involved in the Engineering Design and Innovation Curriculum at MINES ParisTech
  • Statistics and models for decision theory – MINES ParisTech (2nd year)
  • Management & Industrial Enterprises – Work internship – MINES ParisTech (1st year)


Conference papers3 documents

  • Jérémy Lévêque, Kevin Levillain, Blanche Segrestin. Is a Shift Always a Drift? Governing Hybrid Organizations with Innovative Purpose. EURAM 2019 - Exploring the Future of Management: Facts, Fashion and Fado, Jun 2019, Lisbonne, Portugal. ⟨hal-01982969⟩
  • Jérémy Lévêque, Kevin Levillain, Blanche Segrestin. Réalisation de l'impact ou génération d’alternatives ? Une étude des méthodes d'évaluation de l'investissement à impact.. RIODD 2018 - Pour durer ou pour changer, Oct 2018, Grenoble, France. ⟨hal-01897420⟩
  • Kevin Levillain, Blanche Segrestin. From Primacy to Commitment: Revising corporate governance theories to account for recent legal innovations in the US. EURAM, Jun 2018, Reykjavik, Iceland. ⟨hal-01777788⟩

Book sections2 documents

  • Kevin Levillain, Blanche Segrestin, Armand Hatchuel. Profit- with-Purpose Corporations An Innovation in Corporate Law to Meet Contemporary Corporate Social Responsibility Challenges. A. McWilliams, D. Rupp, D. Siegel, G. Stahl & D. Waldman. Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility: Psychological and Organizational Perspectives, Oxford University Press, pp.490-512, 2019. ⟨halshs-01845518⟩
  • Kevin Levillain, Simon C Parker, Rory Ridley-Duff, Blanche Segrestin, Jeroen Veldman, et al.. Protecting Long-Term Commitment: Legal and Organizational Means. Ciaran Driver & Grahame Thompson. Corporate Governance in Contention, Oxford University Press, 2018, 9780198805274. ⟨halshs-01845513⟩