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CV de Julien Chicot

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  • Julien Chicot, Marie-Anne Le Dain, Mireille Matt. Public procurement of innovation : Exploring the difficulties in procurer-supplier collaboration for the developpment of innovation. The 26th international conférence IPSERA, Apr 2017, Budaspest Hungary. <hal-01478993>
  • Julien Chicot, Marie-Anne Le Dain, Mireille Matt. Collaborative Development of Innovations through Early Supplier Involvement in Public Procurement Process. Conférence What's new in the economics of innovation ? Theory, empirics and public policy, Dec 2016, Grenoble, France. <hal-01479014>
  • Julien Chicot, Mireille Matt. Rationales of public procurement of innovation: When demand-side instruments address supply-side failures. DRUID Academy Conference for doctoral students in "Economic and Management of Innovation, Technology and Organizations", Jan 2015, Aalborg, Denmark. 17 p., 2015. <hal-01144528>