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PhD student working in Laboratoire Genie Industriel, CentraleSupélec, Paris-Saclay and SNCF Réseau.

My thesis concerns the assessment of the enviromental performance of railway infrastracture projects. In other words, it consists on defining environmental indicators for the projects' validation and expressing these indicators into monetary terms.


Conference papers3 documents

  • Joseph Mansour Salamé, yann Leroy, Michael Saidani, Isabelle Nicolaï. UNDERSTANDING AND MONITORING ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE OF INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN PROJECTS. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENGINEERING DESIGN, ICED21, Design Society, Aug 2021, Gothenburg, Sweden. pp.3269-3278, ⟨10.1017/pds.2021.588⟩. ⟨hal-03329672⟩
  • Guilherme Alcantara Pinto, Joseph Mansour Salamé, Isabelle Nicolaï. Can we break organizational beliefs in the construction sector? Investigating possible paths to Safety Performance Measurements research. XXIV Seminars in Business Administration - SemeAd, 2021, Nov 2021, São Paulo, Brazil. ⟨hal-03524989⟩
  • Guilherme Alcantara Pinto, Joseph Mansour Salamé, Isabelle Nicolaï. LOCATING PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR COMPANIES: TO WHERE SHOULD WE GO?. XXVIII SIMPEP, Nov 2021, Bauru, Brazil. ⟨hal-03336944⟩