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  • François Jordan, Jérémy Attard, J. François. Tractors and twistors from conformal Cartan geometry: a gauge theoretic approach II. Twistors. Classical and Quantum Gravity, IOP Publishing, 2017, 34 (8), pp.085004. 〈10.1088/1361-6382/aa627d〉. 〈hal-01494144〉
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  • François Jordan, Lazzarini Serge, Masson Thierry. Gauge field theories: various mathematical approaches. Eckstein, Michal; Heller, Michael; Szybka, Sebastian J. Mathematical Structures of the Universe, Copernicus Center Press, 2014, 978-83-7886-107-2. 〈hal-00980542〉

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  • Nicolas Boulanger, Jordan Francois, Serge Lazzarini. A classification of global conformal invariants. 2018. 〈hal-01883059〉

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  • Jordan Francois. Reduction of gauge symmetries: a new geometrical approach. Mathematical Physics [math-ph]. Aix-Marseille Université, 2014. English. 〈tel-01217472v2〉