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  • Julien Ambrosino, Maxime Daniel, Dimitri Masson, Jérémy Legardeur. IdeaBulb: A Smart and Tangible User Interface for Monitoring Ideation During Creative Sessions. XPS (Xpert Publishing Services). The Sixth International Conference on Smart Cities, Systems, Devices and Technologies, Jun 2017, Venice, Italy. pp. 70-74, 2017, Proceedings of the Smart Interfaces symposium. <>. <hal-01534697v1>
  • Jérémie Faham, Maxime Daniel, Benjamin Tyl, Iban Lizarralde, Iñaki Garagorri, et al.. A Dialogical Approach to increase " Matching " Efficiency before Collaborative Business Model Processes. XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference – Blending Tomorrow's Innovation Vintage, Jun 2016, Porto, Portugal. <>. <hal-01332579>
  • Jérémie Faham, Maxime Daniel, Jérémy Legardeur. Toward a Matching Approach to Support CBM (Collaborative Business Model) Processes between Regional Entrepreneurs within the RIS3 Policy. APMS International Conference - Advances in Production Management Systems - “Production Management Initiatives For a Sustainable World”, Sep 2016, Iguassu, Brazil. 2016, <10.1007/978-3-319-51133-7 58 >. <hal-01332621>