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  • F. Depaulis, Nadine Couture, Jérémy Legardeur, L. Garreau. A reusable methodology based on filters in order to define relevant tangible parts for a TUI. Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2005, 2005, San-Jose, United States. pp.530-539, 2005. 〈hal-00308322〉
  • Jérémy Legardeur, L. Garreau, Nadine Couture. Experiments to evolve toward a tangible user interface for CAD parts assembly. Proc. Electronic Imaging Science and Technology, Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Relality Systems XI, Editors: Andrew J. Woods, John O. Merrit, Stephen A. Benton, Mark T. Bolas, SPIE, EI'2004 SPIE, San Jose (US), Jan 2004, San Jose, United States. 5291, pp.438-445, 2004. 〈hal-00308170〉
  • Jérémy Legardeur, L. Garreau, N. Couture. Des interacteurs pour l'assemblage mécanique en extsc{CAO}. 3rd International Conference: Integrated Design and Production, CPI'2003, Meknes, Maroc, 2003, Meknes, Maroc. 2003. 〈hal-00308171〉