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CV de Jean-Jacques Levy

Pré-publication, Document de travail3 documents

  • Yue Huang, Jean-Jacques Levy, Laurent Ferro-Famil, Andreas Reigber. 3D Imaging Of Objects Concealed Below A Forest Canopy Using SAR Tomography At L-Band Data And Wavelet-Based Sparse Estimation. 2017. <hal-01451241>
  • Ran Chen, Jean-Jacques Levy. Formal proofs of two algorithms for strongly connected components in graphs. 2016. <hal-01422216>
  • Ran Chen, Jean-Jacques Levy. Readable semi-automatic formal proofs of Depth-First Search in graphs using Why3. 2015. <hal-01253136>

Rapport4 documents

  • P.L. Curien, Thérèse Hardin, Jean-Jacques Levy. Confluence properties of weak and strong calculi of explicit substitutions. [Research Report] RR-1617, INRIA. 1992. <inria-00077189>
  • Martin Abadi, Luca Cardelli, P.L. Curien, Jean-Jacques Levy. Explicit substitutions. RR-1176, INRIA. 1990. <inria-00075382>
  • Gérard Berry, Pierre-Louis Curien, Jean-Jacques Levy. Full abstraction for sequential languages : The states of the art. [Research Report] RR-0197, INRIA. 1983. <inria-00076361>
  • J. Chailloux, J.M. Hullot, Jean-Jacques Levy, J. Vuillemin. Le systeme LUCIFER d'aide a la conception de circuits integres. RR-0196, INRIA. 1983. <inria-00076362>

Document associé à des manifestations scientifiques1 document

  • Jean-Jacques Levy, Ran Chen. Strongly Connected Components in graphs, formal proof of Tarjan1972 algorithm. Groupe de travail LTP du GDR GPL , Nov 2016, Orsay, France. 2016. <hal-01422227>