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Professeur Jérôme Perez

Research fields

My research is devoted to dynamical gravitating systems : celestial mechanics, self gravitating systems (globular clusters & galaxies), cosmological dynamics [details in french]


I'm professor at Ensta ParisTech Paris-Saclay University in the domain of theoretical physics, astrophysics and modelisation [list of my courses in french]


Scientific mediation

I give a lot of conferences [see the program since 2011], I'm in the scientific organising board of the "Festival d'astronomie de Fleurance",  I propose also various activities for teachers : Eratothenes experiment, activities related to the moon, Hubble law reconstruction, etc. [details in french]

"Xavier Ducros"   

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  • Jérôme Perez, Renvoize Vincent, Eric Bellanger, Eddie Saudrais, Michel Roy, et al.. Physique MPSI-PCSI-PTSI. Pearson France. 2013, 978-2-7440-7653-4. ⟨hal-01141424⟩