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Article dans une revue17 documents

  • Georges Soto-Romero, Christophe Escriba, Pascal Acco, Eric Campo, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Artificial Intelligence for Health: Towards more intelligence or more artificial medicine?. Current Trends Biomedical Engineering & Biosciences, Juniper Publishers, 2018, 16 (5), 〈10.19080/CTBEB.2018.16.555947〉. 〈hal-01997228〉
  • Julien Roux, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Georges Soto-Romero. A new bi-frequency soil smart sensing moisture and salinity for connected sustainable agriculture. Electronics Letters, IET, In press. 〈hal-01925585v1〉
  • Christophe Escriba, Julien Roux, Georges Soto-Romero, Pascal Acco, David Bourrier, et al.. Advanced thermopile IR dual line sensor for smart home. Journal of Sensor Technology, Scientific Research, 2018, 8 (4), 〈10.4236/jst.2018.84006〉. 〈hal-01916914〉
  • Yassine Talbi, Eric Campo, Damien Brulin, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Controllable and re-usable patch for transdermal iontophoresis drug delivery. Electronics Letters, IET, 2018, 54 (12), pp.739-740. 〈10.1049/el.2018.0731 〉. 〈hal-01780138〉
  • Julien Roux, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols, M Contardo, Pascal Acco, et al.. Toward soil smart sensing in v3.0 agriculture: a new original single-shape design for a capacitive moisture and salinity sensor. Sensors, MDPI, In press. 〈hal-01925577〉
  • Jean-Yves Fourniols, Nadim Nasreddine, Christophe Escriba, Pascal Acco, Julien Roux, et al.. An Overview of Basics Speech Recognition and Autonomous Approach for Smart Home IOT Low Power Devices. Journal of Signal and Information Processing, Scientific Research Publishing, 2018, 9 (4), pp.239. 〈257〉. 〈10.4236/jsip.2018.94015 〉. 〈hal-01916886〉
  • Xavier Tolza, Georges Soto-Romero, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Pascal Acco. Preliminary study: IMU system validation for real-time feedback on swimming technique. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, London : Informa Healthcare, 2017, 20 (sup1), pp.203 - 204. 〈10.1080/10255842.2017.1382933〉. 〈hal-01693893〉
  • Gaëlle Thomas, Juan Diego Lemos, Georges Soto-Romero, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Alher Mauricio Hernandez. Laparoscopy’s Gestures Assessment: A Construct Study for the Validation of an Instrumented Glove. Proceedings, MDPI, 2017, 1 (4), 〈10.3390/proceedings1040599〉. 〈hal-01892133〉
  • Aurelien Valade, Pascal Acco, Pierre Grabolosa, Jean-Yves Fourniols. A Study about Kalman Filters Applied to Embedded Sensors. Sensors, MDPI, 2017, 17 (12), pp.2810. 〈10.3390/s17122810〉. 〈hal-01694026〉
  • Bouchta Hajjine, Christophe Escriba, Pascal Acco, Georges Soto-Romero, Eric Campo, et al.. Integration of a Dual GPS and ISM Antenna PIFA in a Human Body Patch for Elderly Tracking. Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2016, 04 (02), pp.34 - 45. 〈10.4236/ojapr.2016.42004〉. 〈hal-01693862〉
  • Bouchta Hajjine, Christophe Escriba, Daniel Medale, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Design, Integration and Characterization of a Tracking Patch: Application to Elderly Monitoring. E-Health Telecommunication Systems and Networks, 2016, 05 (03), pp.57 - 74. 〈10.4236/etsn.2016.53006〉. 〈hal-01693856〉
  • Bouchta Hajjine, Christophe Escriba, Daniel Medale, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Algorithm and Design Methodology to Develop a PIFA with Optimized Reflection Coefficient for the ISM 868 MHz Band. Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2016, 04 (04), pp.166 - 175. 〈10.4236/ojapr.2016.44013〉. 〈hal-01693931〉
  • Bouchta Hajjine, Christophe Escriba, Samuel Charlot, Anne Hémeryck, Julien Roux, et al.. Development of a Printed Coil for Wirelessly Charging a Tracking Elderly Patch. Wireless Engineering and Technology, 2016, 07 (02), pp.83 - 95. 〈10.4236/wet.2016.72009〉. 〈hal-01694014〉
  • Bouchta Hajjine, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Overview of Antennas on Flexible Substrates. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (IJECET), IAEME, 2014, 5 (3), pp.321-345. 〈〉. 〈hal-01892187〉
  • Hamza Boukabache, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Toward Smart Aerospace Structures: Design of a Piezoelectric Sensor and Its Analog Interface for Flaw Detection. Sensors, MDPI, 2014, 14 (11), pp.20543 - 20561. 〈10.3390/s141120543〉. 〈hal-01694045〉
  • Yannick Viero, Qihao He, Laurent Mazenq, Hubert Ranchon, Jean-Yves Fourniols, et al.. Efficient prototyping of large-scale pdms and silicon nanofluidic devices using pdms-based phase-shift lithography. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Springer Verlag, 2012, 12 (1-4), pp.465 - 473. 〈10.1007/s10404-011-0888-0〉. 〈hal-01682518〉
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Communication dans un congrès24 documents

  • Xavier Tolza, Pascal Acco, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Impact of calibration on indoor positionning precision. International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN),, Sep 2018, Nantes, France. 4p., 2018. 〈hal-01887434〉
  • Yassine Talbi, Damien Brulin, Eric Campo, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Controlled Permeation of Lidocaine Hydrochloride Using a Smart Drug Delivery System. IASTED International Conference on Biomedical Engineering ( BioMed ), Feb 2017, Innsbruck, Austria. ACTAPRESS, 7p., 2017, 〈10.2316/P.2017.852-024〉. 〈hal-01693915〉
  • Yassine Talbi, Damien Brulin, Eric Campo, Jean-Yves Fourniols, B. Martin, et al.. Transdermal drug delivery system: Active method for enhancing and controlling lidocaine hydrochloride diffusion. 2016 IEEE EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES), Dec 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. IEEE, 6p., 2016, 〈10.1109/IECBES.2016.7843417〉. 〈hal-01693919〉
  • Julien Roux, Christophe Escriba, Anne Hémeryck, Georges Soto-Romero, Jean-Louis Boizard, et al.. Network of distributed soil moisture sensors for culture irrigation 2.0: Design and data analysis. IEEE Technological Innovations in ICT for Agriculture and Rural Development (TIAR 2016), Jul 2016, Chennai, India. IEEE, 2016, 〈10.1109/TIAR.2016.7801216〉. 〈hal-01693924〉
  • Bouchta Hajjine, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Conception, réalisation et caractérisation d'un patch électronique pour la surveillance des personnes âgées et dépendantes. Journées Nationales du Réseau Doctoral en Microélectronique (JNRDM 2016), May 2016, Toulouse, France. 6p., 2016. 〈hal-01892262〉
  • Sabeha Fettouma Zedek, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Dedicated system for structural health monitoring of aircraft Hardware system based on V-cycle model. The first IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering (ISSE 2015), Sep 2015, Rome, Italy. 5p., 2015. 〈hal-01211475〉
  • Bouchta Hajjine, Christophe Escriba, Eric Campo, Sabeha Fettouma Zedek, Pascal Acco, et al.. Development of an Electronic Patch for Falls Detection and Elderly Tracking. International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (ICBHI), Oct 2015, Haikou, China. 4p., 2015. 〈hal-01892241〉
  • Andrés Belisario-Briceño, Sabeha Fettouma Zedek, Thierry Camps, Raoul François, Christophe Escriba, et al.. SHM Based on Modal Analysis: Accelerometer and Piezoelectric Transducers Instrumentation for Civil Engineering in Heterogeneous Structures. Le Cam, Vincent and Mevel, Laurent and Schoefs, Franck. EWSHM - 7th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Jul 2014, Nantes, France. 2014. 〈hal-01021063〉
  • Mahamadou Mounkaila, Thierry Camps, Sonia Sassi, Philippe Marguerès, Philippe Olivier, et al.. Cure Monitoring and SHM of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Part I : Impedance Analysis and Multiphysic Sensitivity. Le Cam, Vincent and Mevel, Laurent and Schoefs, Franck. EWSHM - 7th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Jul 2014, Nantes, France. 2014. 〈hal-01020396〉
  • Damien Brulin, Pascal Acco, Jean-Louis Boizard, Eric Campo, Thierry Camps, et al.. Smart patch integration for elderly and athletes monitoring. Sensors Energy Harvesting Wireless Network & Smart Objects, Oct 2014, Gardanne, France. 13p., 2014. 〈hal-01892214〉
  • Sabeha Fettouma Zedek, Catalin Codreanu, Andrés Belisario-Briceño, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Christophe Escriba, et al.. Adaptable Synchronous Detection for the SHM of Composite Component: Autonomous FPAA Architecture on Polyimide Film. Le Cam, Vincent and Mevel, Laurent and Schoefs, Franck. EWSHM - 7th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Jul 2014, Nantes, France. 2014. 〈hal-01022000〉
  • Hamza Boukabache, Vincent Robert, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Jean-Philippe Furlan. Networked Modular Technology for Integrated Aircraft Health Monitoring: Application to Rotary Structures. European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society ( PHM 2014), Jul 2014, Nantes, France. pp.672-680, 2014. 〈hal-01892159〉
  • Aurélien Valade, Georges Soto-Romero, Christophe Escriba, Anthony Bouillod, Julien Pinot, et al.. Wearable multi-sensor system for embedded body position and motion analysis during cycling View publication stats View publication stats. World Congress of Cycling Science 2014, Jul 2014, Leeds, United Kingdom. 3, 2014. 〈hal-01892168〉
  • Aurélien Valade, Anthony Bouillod, Florian Girard, Steeven Flores, Fabrice Severac, et al.. Système intelligent multi-capteurs dédié à la capture du mouvement. Colloque sur l'Enseignement des Technologies et des Sciences de l'Information et des Systèmes ( CETSIS ), Oct 2014, Besançon, France. 6p., 2014. 〈hal-01892229〉
  • Andres Belisario, Raoul Francois, Thierry Camps, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Réseaux des capteurs pour l'estimation et caractérisation des endommagements de structures hétérogènes renforcés par matériaux composites: cas d'atude pour une structure en béton appliquée à la SHM-Structural Health Monitoring. Journées Nationales du Réseau Doctoral en Microélectronique ( JNRDM ), May 2014, Lille, France. 4p., 2014. 〈hal-01892275〉
  • Zineb Aqachmar, Pascal Acco, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Guillaume Auriol, Christophe Escriba. Why don't we use free 868 MHz band for geolocation?. IEEE 27th Convention of Electrical & Electronics Engineers in Israel (IEEEI 2012), Nov 2012, Eilat, Israel. IEEE, 2012, 〈10.1109/EEEI.2012.6377141〉. 〈hal-01886054〉
  • Daouda Lamine Diedhiou, Stéphane Pinon, Eric Rius, Cédric Quendo, Jean-François Favennec, et al.. Etude de filtres millimétriques accordables en technologie microfluidique. 17èmes Journées Nationales Microondes, May 2011, Brest, France. pp.3D-1, 2011. 〈hal-00670823〉
  • Mathieu Lastapis, Christophe Escriba, Guillaume Auriol, Roxana Albu, Pascal Berthou, et al.. Embedded blade microsystem and events recorder for drone structural health monitoring. Asian-Pacific workshop on structural health monitoring, Nov 2010, Tokyo, Japan. 〈hal-00545117〉
  • Jean-Marie Dilhac, Marise Bafleur, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Christophe Escriba, Robert Plana, et al.. Cross-functional design of wireless sensor networks applied to Aircraft Health Monitoring. Fu-Kuo Chang. International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Sep 2009, Stanford, United States. DEStech publications, 1, pp.901-908, 2009. 〈hal-00419192〉
  • Christophe Escriba, Rémy Fulcrand, Philippe Artillan, David Jugieu, Aurélien Bancaud, et al.. Trapping Biological Species in a Lab-on-Chip Microsystem: Micro Inductor Optimization Design and SU8 Process. Christian Piguet; Ricardo Reis; Dimitrios Soudris. 19th IFIP WG 10.5/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI-SoC), Oct 2008, Rhodes Island, India. Springer, VLSI-SoC: Design Methodologies for SoC and SiP AICT-313, pp.81-96, 2010, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology. 〈10.1007/978-3-642-12267-5_5〉. 〈hal-01054543v1〉
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  • Georges Soto-Romero, Corinne Vergnenègre, J. Albukerque, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Francis Bony, et al.. Uncooled micro-earth sensor for micro-satellite attitude control: Earth remote sensing application. 4th International Conference on Space Optics (ICSO'2000), Dec 2000, Toulouse, France. SPIE, pp.727-735, 2000, 〈10.1117/12.2307881〉. 〈hal-01693886〉

Poster1 document

  • Yassine Talbi, Damien Brulin, Eric Campo, Muriel Blanzat, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Conception d'un patch transdermique pour l’administration de médicaments . Journées Nationales du Réseau Doctoral en Micro-nanoélectronique (JNRDM), May 2016, Toulouse, France. 2016. 〈hal-01330218〉

Ouvrage (y compris édition critique et traduction)1 document

  • J.P. Pérez, C. Lagoute, Jean-Yves Fourniols, S. Bouhours. Cours de physique : fondements et applications, Tome 1 : Électronique. Fondements et applications. Dunod, pp.912, 2006, Hors Collection. 〈hal-00289655〉

Brevet1 document

  • Jean-Yves Fourniols, Christophe Escriba, Nadim Nasreddine. Méthodologie d'identification de l'activité humaine et de détection de chute par exploitation de données accélérométriques. France, Patent n° : WO2016075013. Rapport LAAS n° 14623. 2016. 〈hal-01892176〉

Rapport7 documents

  • Christophe Escriba, Bouchta Hajjine, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Développement et intégration sur substrat souple d'une bobine imprimée dédiée à la recharge sans fil du patch électronique. Projet SACHA: rapport année 3. LAAS-CNRS. 2017. 〈hal-01892335〉
  • Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Samuel Charlot. Projet Nano - IRT Saint Exupéry. LAAS-CNRS. 2017. 〈hal-01892347〉
  • Christophe Escriba, Aurélien Gil, Samuel Charlot, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Caractérisation des crèmes à braser standards - Projet Nano - IRT St Exupéry. LAAS-CNRS. 2017. 〈hal-01892351〉
  • Christophe Escriba, Samuel Charlot, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Projet Nano - IRT Saint Exupéry - 2. IRT-Saint Exupéry; LAAS-CNRS. 2017. 〈hal-01892357〉
  • Damien Brulin, Eric Campo, Christophe Escriba, Sabeha Fettouma Zedek, Jean-Yves Fourniols, et al.. Projet Sm@rtFOX. Pour un habitat interconnecté au service de l'homme.. LAAS-CNRS. 2015. 〈hal-01892306〉
  • Christophe Escriba, Jérôme Manhes, Sabeha Fettouma Zedek, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Projet SMART BUS ADAPTOR. Rapport scientifique. Année 2. LAAS-CNRS. 2015. 〈hal-01892334〉
  • Christophe Escriba, Jérôme Manhes, Nadim Nasreddine, Sabeha Fettouma Zedek, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Projet SMART BUS ADAPTOR. Rapport scientifique. Année 1. LAAS-CNRS. 2014. 〈hal-01892344〉

Autre rapport, séminaire, workshop4 documents

  • Bouchta Hajjine, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Algorithm and design methodology to develop a printed inverted F antenna for ISM 868 MHz band. Rapport LAAS n° 16352. 2016. 〈hal-01892327〉
  • Sabeha Fettouma Zedek, Andres Belisario, Jean-Yves Fourniols, Christophe Escriba, Thierry Camps, et al.. EWSHM 2014: SHM of composite component based on analog versatile architecture. Rapport LAAS n° 14389. 2014. 〈hal-01892298〉
  • Sabeha Fettouma Zedek, Aurélien Valade, Christophe Escriba, Georges Soto-Romero, Hamza Boukabache, et al.. Versatile architecture for aircraft health monitoring: based on piezoelectric transducer and nine axis memes using reconfigurable system on chip. Rapport LAAS n° 14093. 2014. 〈hal-01892315〉
  • Nadim Nasreddine, Christophe Escriba, Jean-Yves Fourniols. Méthodologie d'identification de l'activité humaine par exploitation de données accélérométrique. Rapport LAAS n° 14638. 2014. 〈hal-01892320〉