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Jean-Paul Imbert

"Linda Napoletano"   

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  • Gianluca Borghini, Pietro Aricὸ, Ilenia Graziani, Serenella Salinari, Fabio Babiloni, et al.. Analysis of neurophysiological signals for the training and mental workload assessment of ATCos. SESAR 2014, 4th SESAR Innovation Days, Nov 2014, Madrid, Spain. 〈hal-01087183〉
  • Gianluca Borghini, Pietro Aricò, Federico Ferri, Ilenia Graziani, Simone Pozzi, et al.. A neurophysiological training evaluation metric for Air Traffic Management. EMBC’14, 36th Annual International Conference in Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Aug 2014, Chicago, United States. 2014. 〈hal-00998940〉

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  • Gianluca Borghini, Pietro Aricò, Fabio Babiloni, Géraud Granger, Jean-Paul Imbert, et al.. NINA : Neurometrics Indicators for ATM. SID 2013, 3rd SESAR Innovation Days, 26-28 Novembre 2013 Stockholm, Suède. 2013. 〈hal-00991368〉