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Jean-marie Floc'h

Curriculum vitae


Mr Jean-Marie FLOC'H

Born on September 26th 1952 in Dinan (Bretagne region, France)

Married, 3 children

Office address: IETR, 20 avenue des Buttes de Coemes 35043 Rennes, FRANCE

Email :


From 1984  Research engineer at IETR (Institute of Research in Electronics and Telecom of Rennes), CNRS Unit N° 6164 affiliated to INSA (French National Institute of Applied Sciences).

1992 – PhD in Electronics


In 1984, Mr Floc’h has joined INSA Rennes as a research engineer. At this time, the laboratory was employing 4 permanent researchers and 4 PhD students.

In the early years, Mr Floc’h activity was focused on the support of research programs and training of INSA engineers. Rapidly, he acquired additional responsibilities: characterization and development means and the technical management of the laboratory.

With the significant growth of the lab, he gradually held the responsibility of relationships with the industrial players (technology transfer, communication with the companies/ business relations, support of spin-off creation, etc…) as well as the training of staff.

Mr Floc’h actively participated to the creation of the ESC Department (Electronics and Systems of Communication).. He is still committed in the development of technological collaborations between INSA Rennes and companies.

With 1350 students and 150 PhDs, INSA Rennes is today the largest engineering college of France Atlantique (Western France).

IETR (Institute of Research in Electronics and Telecom of Rennes) is the most important laboratory of INSA Rennes, representing 50% of its industrial contracts. It represents 450 people: professors – researchers, technical and administrative staff and PhDs. It gathers the most advanced laboratories of French Universities in electronics for telecommunications (CNRS, Supelec, INSA and University of Rennes1).

Mr Floc’h held the position of Deputy Director of this unit from 1995 to 2000.

Since 2003, he is in charge of industrial collaborations at IETR. He is an expert consultant for the Regional Council of Bretagne, Jessica Ouest (a National Research program in Electronics) and the ANVAR (French National Agency for Innovation). He is also involved in the European Network of Excellence called ACE (Antenna Center of Excellence) now EURAAP.


Keywords about Mr Floc’h’s activity today

- Support and participation to research programs

- Team management

- Initial and permanent training

- Technical conference organization

- Technology transfer

- Participation to the development of local and regional telecom clusters



Scientific fields of competencies

-       Antennae, MMIC, VHF active and passive circuits

-       Modelization, Characterization, Applications

-       Systems of telecommunications

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  • Mariem Aznabet, Otman El Mrabet, Jean Marie Floc’h, Francisco Falcone, M’hamed Drissi. A coplanar waveguide-fed printed antenna with complementary split ring resonator for wireless communication systems. Waves in Random and Complex Media, Taylor & Francis, 2014, pp.1072954. 〈10.1080/17455030.2014.956846〉. 〈hal-01107879〉

Communication dans un congrès1 document

  • Philippe Besnier, Christophe Lemoine, Jérôme Sol, Jean Marie Floc’h. Radiation pattern measurements in reverberation chamber based on estimation of coherent and diffuse electromagnetic fields. Antenna Measurements & Applications (CAMA), 2014 IEEE Conference on, Nov 2014, Nice, France. 2014, 〈10.1109/CAMA.2014.7003323〉. 〈hal-01108647〉