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Jean-Louis Gutzwiller

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Article dans une revue2 documents

  • Michel Barret, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller, Mohamed Hariti. Low-Complexity Hyperspectral Image Coding Using Exogenous Orthogonal Optimal Spectral Transform (OrthOST) and Degree-2 Zerotrees. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2011, 49 (5), pp.1557-1566. <10.1109/TGRS.2010.2083671>. <hal-00598284>
  • Isidore Paul Akam Bita, Michel Barret, Florio Dalla Vedova, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller. Lossy and lossless compression of MERIS hyperspectral images with exogenous quasi-optimal spectral transforms. Journal of applied remote sensing, Bellingham, WA : SPIE, 2010, 4, pp.041790-1-15. <10.1117/1.3474980>. <hal-00519352>

Communication dans un congrès6 documents

  • Jean-Louis Gutzwiller, Hervé Frezza-Buet, Olivier Pietquin. Online Speaker Diarization with a Size-Monitored Growing Neural Gas Algorithm. Michel Verleysen. ESANN 2010, Apr 2010, Bruges, Belgium. pp.505-510, 2010. <hal-00552988>
  • Isidore Paul Akam Bita, Michel Barret, Florio Dalla Vedova, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller. Lossy compression of MERIS superspectral images with exogenous quasi optimal coding transforms. Satellite Data Compression, Communication, and Processing V, Aug 2009, San Diego, United States. 7455 (0U), (9 p.), 2009, <10.1117/12.830488>. <hal-00436942>
  • Jean-Louis Gutzwiller, Mohamed Hariti, Michel Barret, Emmanuel Christophe, Carole Thiebaut, et al.. Extension du codeur SPIHT au codage d'images hyperspectrales. Colloque CORESA, Mar 2009, Toulouse, France. pp.151-156, 2009. <hal-00396988>
  • Michel Barret, Isidore Paul Akam Bita, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller, Florio Dalla Vedova. Lossy Hyperspectral Images Coding with Exogenous Quasi Optimal Transforms. DCC 2009, Mar 2009, Snowbird, Utah, United States. pp.411-419, 2009, <10.1109/DCC.2009.8>. <hal-00396967>
  • Mohamed Hariti, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller, Michel Barret. Compression d'images hyperspectrales: un codeur par arbres de zéros bien adapté aux transformations à base d'ACI ?. Séminaire Compression d'images multicomposantes du CNES, Oct 2008, Toulouse, France. <hal-00351304>
  • Isidore Paul Akam Bita, Michel Barret, Florio Dalla Vedova, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller. Onboard Hyperspectral images compression with exogenous quasi optimal coding transforms. On-Board Payload Data Compression Workshop (ESA OBPDC 2008), Jun 2008, Noordwijk, Netherlands. <hal-00340194>

Chapitre d'ouvrage1 document

  • Isidore-Paul Akambita, Michel Barret, Florio Dalla Vedova, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller, Dinh-Tuan Pham. Discrete Wavelet Transform and Optimal Spectral Transform Applied to Multicomponent Image Coding. Hannu Olkkonen. Discrete Wavelet Transforms - Algorithms and Applications, InTech, pp.151-176, 2011, <10.5772/22784>. <hal-00652480>

Brevet2 documents

  • Daniel Stanczyk, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller. VEHICLE DETECTION AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM BETWEEN A VEHICLE AND A ROAD, AND FITTED VEHICLE. N° de brevet: WO2007132068. 2007. <hal-00280127>
  • Daniel Stanczyk, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller. Communication system e.g. road safety increasing and traffic control devices, for e.g. accident/incident alarm, has assembly placed in vehicle and entering in bi-directional communication via electromagnetic loop with assembly in pavement. France, N° de brevet: FR2878080. 2006. <hal-01170446>