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  • Jean-Charles Gilbert, Patrick Joly. Higher order time stepping for second order hyperbolic problems and optimal CFL conditions. Partial Differential Equations : Modeling and Numerical Simulation, 16, Springer, pp.67-93, 2008, 978-1-4020-8757-8. 〈10.1007/978-1-4020-8758-5_4〉. 〈hal-00976773〉

Pré-publication, Document de travail3 documents

  • Jean Charles Gilbert, Émilie Joannopoulos. OQLA/QPALM – Convex quadratic optimization solvers using the augmented Lagrangian approach, with an appropriate behavior on infeasible or unbounded problems. 2014. 〈hal-01110362〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert, Émilie Joannopoulos. Inside Oqla and Qpalm. 2014. 〈hal-01110433〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert, Émilie Joannopoulos. Oqla user's guide. 2014. 〈hal-01110441〉

Rapport25 documents

  • Jean-Pierre Dussault, Mathieu Frappier, Jean Charles Gilbert. A lower bound on the iterative complexity of the Harker and Pang globalization technique of the Newton-min algorithm for solving the linear complementarity problem. [Research Report] INRIA Paris. 2018, pp.19. 〈hal-01806399〉
  • Ibtihel Ben Gharbia, Jean Charles Gilbert. An algorithmic characterization of P-matricity II: adjustments, refinements, and validation. [Research Report] INRIA Paris; IFP Energies Nouvelles, Rueil Malmaison. 2018, pp.1-17. 〈hal-01672197v2〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert. Equivalent $R$-linear and $C$-linear systems of equations. [Research Report] INRIA Paris. 2017. 〈hal-01522334v2〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert, Cédric Josz. Plea for a semidefinite optimization solver in complex numbers – The full report. [Research Report] INRIA Paris; LAAS. 2017, pp.46. 〈hal-01497173〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert, Cédric Josz. Plea for a semidefinite optimization solver in complex numbers. [Research Report] Inria Paris. 2017, pp.35. 〈hal-01422932v2〉
  • Ibtihel Ben Gharbia, Jean Charles Gilbert. Nonconvergence of the plain Newton-min algorithm for linear complementarity problems with a P-matrix --- The full report.. [Research Report] RR-7160, INRIA. 2012, pp.19. 〈inria-00442293v5〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert. SQPpro - A solver of nonlinear optimization problems, using an SQP approach. [Technical Report] INRIA. 2009, pp.24. 〈inria-00442314〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert. QPAL -- A solver of convex quadratic optimization problems, using an augmented Lagrangian approach. [Technical Report] RT-0377, INRIA. 2009, pp.22. 〈inria-00442295〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert. Organization of the Modulopt collection of optimization problems in the Libopt environment -- Version 1.0. [Technical Report] RT-0329, INRIA. 2007, pp.20. 〈inria-00132468v3〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert, Xavier Jonsson. LIBOPT - An environment for testing solvers on heterogeneous collections of problems - Version 1.0. [Technical Report] RT-0331, INRIA. 2007, pp.35. 〈inria-00135013v2〉
  • Frédéric Delbos, Jean Charles Gilbert. Global linear convergence of an augmented Lagrangian algorithm for solving convex quadratic optimization problems. [Research Report] RR-5028, INRIA. 2003. 〈inria-00071556〉
  • Laurent Chauvier, Antonio Fuduli, Jean Charles Gilbert. A truncated SQP algorithm for solving nonconvex equality constrained optimization problems. [Research Report] RR-4346, INRIA. 2001. 〈inria-00072242〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert, Clóvis C. Gonzaga, Elizabeth Karas. Examples of Ill-Behaved Central Paths in Convex Optimization. [Research Report] RR-4179, INRIA. 2001. 〈inria-00072443〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert, Sophie Jan, Paul Armand. A BFGS-IP Algorithm for Solving Strongly Convex Optimization Problems with Feasibility Enforced by an Exact Penalty Approach. [Research Report] RR-4087, INRIA. 2000. 〈inria-00072546〉
  • Paul Armand, Jean Charles Gilbert, Sophie Jan-Jégou. A Feasible BFGS Interior Point Algorithm for Solving Strongly Convex Minimization Problems. [Research Report] RR-3500, INRIA. 1998. 〈inria-00073185〉
  • Frédéric Eyssette, Christèle Faure, Jean Charles Gilbert, Nicole Rostaing-Schmidt. Applicabilité de la différentiation automatique à un système d'équations aux dérivées partielles régissant les phénomènes thermohydrauliques dans un tube chauffant. RR-2795, INRIA. 1996. 〈inria-00073895〉
  • Richard H. Byrd, Jean Charles Gilbert, Jorge Nocedal. A Trust Region Method Based on Interior Point Techniques for Nonlinear Programming. [Research Report] RR-2896, INRIA. 1996. 〈inria-00073794〉
  • Paul Armand, Jean Charles Gilbert. A Piecewise Line-Search Technique for Maintaining the Positive Definiteness of the Matrices in the SQP Method. [Research Report] RR-2615, INRIA. 1995. 〈inria-00074070〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert. Superlinear convergence of a reduced BFGS method with piecewise line-search and update criterion. [Research Report] RR-2140, INRIA. 1993. 〈inria-00074532〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert. On the realization of the wolfe conditions in reduced quasi-Newton methods for equality constrained optimization. [Research Report] RR-2127, INRIA. 1993. 〈inria-00074545〉
  • J. Frederic Bonnans, Jean Charles Gilbert, Claude Lemaréchal, Claudia Sagastizábal. A Family of variable metric proximal methods. [Research Report] RR-1851, INRIA. 1993. 〈inria-00074821〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert, Georges Le Vey, J. Masse. La Differentiation automatique de fonctions representees par des programmes. [Rapport de recherche] RR-1557, INRIA. 1991. 〈inria-00075004〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert, J. Nocedal. Global convergence properties of conjugate gradient methods for optimization. RR-1268, INRIA. 1990. 〈inria-00075291〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert. On the local and global convergence of a reduced quasi-Newton method. RR-0565, INRIA. 1986. 〈inria-00075989〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert. Une methode a metrique variable reduite en optimisation avec contraintes d'egalite non lineaires. RR-0482, INRIA. 1986. 〈inria-00076072〉

Cours2 documents

  • Jean Charles Gilbert. Step by step design of an interior-point solver in self-dual conic optimization: Application to the Shor relaxation of some small OPF problems. Master. Advance Continuous Optimization II, France. 2016, pp.49. 〈cel-01252612v2〉
  • Jean Charles Gilbert. Advanced Continuous Optimization. Master. France. 2015. 〈cel-01249369〉