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Article dans une revue2 documents

  • James German, Mariapaola D'Imperio. The Status of the Initial Rise as a marker of Focus in French. Language and Speech, SAGE Publications (UK and US), 2016, pp.165-195. <10.1177/0023830915583082>. <hal-01460054>
  • Adam J. Chong, James Sneed German. The accentual phrase in Singapore English. Phonetica, Karger, 2016, non paginé. <hal-01460033>

Communication dans un congrès5 documents

  • James Sneed German, Laurent Prevot. Sentence-final particles in Singapore English: Are they pragmatic or phonological?. Speech Prosody 2016, May 2016, Boston, United States. ISCA, pp.5, 2016. <hal-01462175>
  • James German, Laurent Prévot. Phonology Constrains the Distribution of the Particle lah in Singapore English. Proceedings of the 14th Laboratory Phonology Conference, 2014, Tokyo, Unknown or Invalid Region. 2014. <hal-01231894>
  • James German, Amandine Michelas. How many levels in French? Focus marking as evidence for prosodic hierarchy. Laboratory Approaches to Romance Phonology, Oct 2012, Mexico, Mexico. <hal-00739535>
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Poster1 document

  • Mariapaola D'Imperio, James Sneed German. Like a square peg in a round hole: Why contour shape matters for learning new intonation patterns. LabPhon 15, Jul 2016, Ithaca, United States. Association for Laboratory Phonology, non paginé, 2016. <hal-01468792>

Chapitre d'ouvrage1 document

  • Mariapaola D'Imperio, James German, Amandine Michelas. A multi-level approach to focus, phrasing and intonation in French. Prosody and Meaning, De Gruyter Mouton, pp.11-34, 2012. <hal-00743678>