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Curriculum Vitae

Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Université des Antilles

Campus Schoelcher, Martinique, France




Université des Antilles (Martinique, French overseas department)

Concurrent Assistant Professor (ATER) Faculty of Letters and Humanities

Digital Identifiers : ORCID / Academia / ResearchGate

- Member of Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI)

- Qualification for a position as Assistant Professor in French University


2016 Ph.D., Political Science, Université Paris Cité PDF (CONACYT Schoolarship)

2011 MA in Social Sciences, International & Latin American Studies, School of Advanced Studies of Latin America (IHEAL), Sorbonne University, France.

2009 Master in Social Sciences, contemporary societies (Europe & Latin America), IHEAL

2006 Bachelor Degree, International Relations, La Salle University, México


2012-2025 “Member of Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI)” (2021-2025) PDF

2020-2024 “Qualification for a position as Assistant Professor in French University” (2020-2024) N° 20214279600 PDF

2020 “Erasmus Teaching”, University Las Palmas Gran Canaria (ULPGC), Spain

2018-2020 “Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Latin- Americans”, CONICET (Argentina’s entity in charge of promotion of scientific activities) PDF

2011-2016 “Doctoral Scholarship” CONACYT (Mexico’s entity in charge of promotion of scientific activities) PDF

01/2013-06/2013 “International Research Stay at Colegio de Mexico” & “MOBIDOC Fellowship” granted by Île de France Region.

2010 “International student exchange” at Universidad de Chile, Social Sciences and History Faculty, Santiago de Chile & “AMIE Fellowship” FSDIE students mobility

2007-2008 “Spanish Teacher Assistant Scholarship in France”, Mexican Ministry of Public Education.

Research Laboratories

Research Laboratory: CRILLASH (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Letters, Languages, Arts and Human Sciences), Martinique.

Collaborator: Centre of Comparative Studies (CEC, National University Rosario), Argentina


Member: Private higher education and inequalities (ESPI), Research for the Development Institute (IRD) & CEPED, France



2020. Jaime Aragón Falomir, et al “Brazil and Mexico under the enigma of change in 2018”, In L. de Oliveira, C. Dominguez and V. Fonseca, A Qualidade da Democracia no Brasil: Questões Teóricas e Metodológicas da pesquisa, Volume 5, Brazil: CRV. Pp. 593-608. DOI:10.24824/978658608773.4 BOOK

Ⅱ.Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

2020. J. Aragón Falomir & J. Joachim (2020) "Post-COVID-19 scenarios in Mexico and the Dominican Republic: An economic and political recomposition?" CARICEN Journal, UNAM, Mexico No. 21, pp. 6-22 (In French) PDF

2020. J. Aragón Falomir & S. Rodríguez (2020) "Inequalities and higher education: between public policies and private sector development in Argentina", Papiers de recherche, AFD Editions, n° 150, pp. 1-66, ISSN 2492-2846 (In French) PDF

2020. J. Aragón Falomir & J. Cardenas (2020) "Analysis of business networks and revolving doors in Mexico: Mapping a public-private ruling class". Temas y Debates Journal, Argentina, No. 39, pp. 81-103 (In Spanish) DOI: 10.35305/tyd.v0i39 PDF

2020. J. Aragón Falomir (2019) "The Illegal Economy and Organized Crime in the Caribbean: Mexico at the Crossroads?" Revue d'études Caribéennes Journal, France, No. 43 (In Spanish) DOI:10.4000/etudescaribeennes.16805 PDF

2019. J. Aragón Falomir, et al (2019) "Comparative analysis of the 2018 presidential elections in Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Brazil" Apuntes Electorales IEEM Journal, Mexico, Vol 18, No.61, pp. 39-74 (In Spanish) ISSN 1665-0921 PDF

2019. J. Aragón Falomir, et al (2019) “The 2018 election in Mexico and the triumph of the National Re-generation Movement (MORENA)”, Revista Estudios Políticos Journal, Colombia, No. 54, pp. 286-308 (In Spanish) DOI: 10.17533/udea.espo. PDF

III. Non-Peer-reviewed Journal Papers

2021. J. Aragón Falomir (2020), “The Aztec and Ming empires as historical crossroads of the conquest: what was discovered during the first globalization?” XXIV Colloquium History Canary Island and America, Las Palmas, Spain (In Spanish) (Forthcoming)

2012. J. Aragón Falomir (2012) "From Ministers of State to Members of Congress: Post-alternative recycling of Carlos Salinas' cabinet", Encuentro de Latinoamericanistas Españoles, Spain, pp. 290-302 (In Spanish) PDF

IV. Reviews.

2020. Book review of Crítica (y reivindicación) de la universidad pública (Buenos Aires, Siglo XXI), by Eduardo Miguez, RIES Journal (Spanish). DOI:10.22201/iisue.20072872e.2020.32.824 PDF

2012. Book review of La face cachée de Harvard. La socialisation de l’élite dans les sociétés secrètes étudiantes (Paris, La documentation française) by Stéphanie Grousset-Charrière, IdeAs Journal, N°3, Winter (Spanish) DOI:10.4000/ideas.545 PDF


2019. Université des Antilles, Full-time Temporary Researcher and Teacher Assistant (ATER), Department of Letters and Humanities (graduate). Martinique, France

“Major problems in Latin America” (Spanish)

“Spaces and exchanges” (French and Spanish)

“Spanish as a foreign language” (in Spanish)

“Literature & Cinema” (French & Spanish)

“Business Spanish” (in Spanish)

“Logistics and Transport” (French & Spanish)

2018. National University of Rosario (UNR), Postdoctoral Researcher CONICET, Faculty of International Relations and Political Science (graduate), Rosario, Argentina

“Comparative political systems” (in Spanish)

2014-18. ESSCA School. Part-Time Lecturer, International Affairs Department (graduate). Paris, Angers and Lyon, France

“Latin America & the European Union in a Globalized World” (in English)

“Urban Inequality” (in English)

“Presentation skills” (in English)

2017. La Salle University, Part-Time Lecturer (graduate), Mexico.

“Discourse Analysis” (In Spanish)

“International Topics” (In English)

“French” (in French)

2017. Del Valle de Mexico University. Part Time Lecturer (graduate). Mexico.

“Human Rights (In English)

“Geo-economics and geopolitics” (In Spanish)

“Tourism projects” (in Spanish)

2007-08 Venice Vert High School (undergraduate). Niort, France.

“Spanish as a foreign language”

CONFERENCE ACTIVITY 1. "The extreme right and Covid19 in Mexico" (October and November 2020) Latin America versus the COVID-19 government: inequalities, crisis, resistance, Colegio Latino-americano de Estudios Mundiales-FLACSO/Brasil 2. "The return of the repressed, the gallop in the wind: the case of the Apache nation" (October 14-15, 2020), Memories in the Caribbean and Latin America, Université des Antilles (webinar)

3. "The Mexican answer against Covid19" (September 14, 2020) The Latin-American Answer, Center of Comparative Studies, National University of Rosario, Argentina (webinar) 4. "Inequalities and higher education: between public policies and private sector development in Argentina" (12/2019), Final restitution workshop, AFD (France) 5. "Elite Research Group: Capital and Networks" (07/2019). Elites in Latin America. X CONGRESO ALACIP 2019. Monterrey (Mexico) 6. "The illegal economy and the organized crime in the Caribbean Basin: Globalization in the crossroad?" (08/2019) International Conference IPSA-AISP, Nagasaki University (Japan). PDF 7. "Cartography of Private Education and Inequalities in Argentina" (01/2019), UNAM (Mexico). 8. "The party systems of Mexico and Paraguay: from hegemony to crisis: authoritarian regression or democratization?" (11/2018), Congreso Internacional de Ciencia Política, Universidad Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay) PDF 9. "Democratizations, regressions and inequalities. First observations of the northern regions of Argentina and Mexico" (11/2018), Congreso CLACSO, Buenos Aires (Argentina). PDF 10. "The end of a cycle? From the Tlatelolco Massacre (1968) to the election of AMLO" (2018), III Jornadas de Investigación en el contexto latinoamericano, UNER (Argentina). Dipl PDF 11. "The business elite in power: against the democracy of the political elites? (10/2018) Congreso internacional sobre la democracia, Université Nacional de Rosario (Argentina) Dipl PDF 12. "The nooks of Mexican democratization: violence, security and police" (08/2018), II Jornadas de Sociología en la Universidad Nacional Villa Maria en Cordoba (Argentina). PDF 13. "The ideological (in)definition of the Mexican regime in relation to the founding moments of the Chilean transition" (02/2018), Colloque Doctoriheals; Paris (France). PDF 14. “Rethinking the democratic transition paradigme: a political change without equality in Mexico” (2016) Congreès Mondial de sciences Politiques, IPSA Poznan (Poland). PDF 15. "Analysis of a former Mexican president's speech: the case of Carlos Salinas and the use of the Mexican Revolution" (2014) Colloque Être leader dans les Amérique(s) et en Europe, CNRS (France) PDF 16. "An approach to the mobility abroad of Mexican legislators: comparison of three legislatures" (2013), Romac–Sudélites, IRD, Paris (France). 17. "The least transparent regions of Mexican democratization" (2013) X Encuentro internacional de estudios políticos y sociales, La Habana University (Cuba). 18. "Elites and Legislators in Latin America" (2012) La autonomía de la región. XV Rencontre des latino-américanistes espagnols, Universidad Complutense (Spain).

Journal articles6 documents

  • Jaime Aragón Falomir, Juan Bautista Lucca. ¿La "grieta" mexicana? La polarización de la opinión publica en la era de Andrés Manuel López Obrador y del COVID19. ABYA-YALA: REVISTA SOBRE ACESSO À JUSTIÇA E DIREITOS NAS AMÉRICAS, Universidade de Brasilia (UnB) Brasil, 2020. ⟨hal-03133597⟩
  • Jaime Aragón Falomir, Jean-Louis Joachim. Les scénarios post-covid19 au Mexique et en République Dominicaine: une recomposition économique et politique?. CariCen. Revista de Análisis y Debate sobre el Caribe y Centroamérica, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2020, pp.6-22. ⟨hal-02924718⟩
  • Jaime Aragón Falomir, Julián Cárdenas. Análisis de redes empresariales y puertas giratorias en México: Cartografía de una clase dominante público-privada. Temas y Debates, Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentine), 2020, pp.81-103. ⟨10.35305/tyd.v0i39.458⟩. ⟨hal-02903289⟩
  • Jaime Aragón Falomir, Alfredo Edmundo Fernández de Lara Gaitán, Juan Bautista Lucca. Las elecciones de 2018 en México y el triunfo del Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (Morena). Estudios Políticos (Medellín), 2019, pp.286-308. ⟨10.17533/udea.espo.n54a14⟩. ⟨hal-02344179⟩
  • Jaime Aragón Falomir. La economía ilegal y el crimen organizado en la Cuenca del Caribe: ¿México en la encrucijada?. Etudes Caribéennes, Université des Antilles, 2019. ⟨hal-02378944⟩
  • Jaime Aragón Falomir, Juan Bautista Lucca, Alfredo Fernandez, Marcos Perez Talia. Análisis comparado de las elecciones presidenciales de 2018 en Colombia, México, Paraguay y Brasil. apuntes electorales IEEM, Instituto Electoral del Estado de México, 2019, pp.39-74. ⟨hal-02344177⟩

Conference papers2 documents

  • Jaime Aragón Falomir. El proceso de internacionalización académica de la clase política mexicana. Obsmac Opinion de Expertos, Aug 2013, Mexico, México. ⟨hal-02378995⟩
  • Jaime Aragón Falomir. De Secretarios de Estado a parlamentaristas: el reciclaje postalternancia del gabinete de Carlos Salinas de Gortari. XV Encuentro de Latinoamericanistas Españoles, Nov 2012, Madrid, España. pp.290-302. ⟨halshs-00874092⟩

Other publications1 document

  • Jaime Aragón Falomir. Stéphanie GROUSSET-CHARRIÈRE, La face cachée de Harvard. La socialisation de l’élite dans les sociétés secrètes étudiantes.. 2012. ⟨hal-02378964⟩