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Islam F. Abdin






                2014 – 2015                           Master in Electric Power Industry                                                                  

                Madrid, Spain                      Universidad Pontificia Comillas                                                                                                                      


                2013 – 2014                           Master in Economics of Network Industries                

                Paris, France                       University Paris-Sud and Telecom-ParisTech                                                                          


                2006 – 2011                           Bachelor of Science in Design and Production Engineering 

                Cairo, Egypt                         Ain Shams University – Faculty of Engineering                                                                    


Work Experience__________________________________________________________

              2015 – 2016                           Teaching Assistant – Design and Production Engineering.                           

                2012 – 2013                       Ain Shams University – Mechanical Engineering Department                                               

                Cairo, Egypt                         


                2011 – 2012                           Quality Production Leader – Oxylane Group (“Decathlon”).                 

                Cairo, Egypt                         Oxatis – Oxylane Egypt Production Office (Decathlon Egypt)                                               



              2015                                      Research Intern – Project “Risk assessment of transmission network failures in a single-price

                Paris, France                                                     electricity market using game-theory techniques.”

                                                                Centrale-Supelec, LGI - Chair of System Science and the Energetic Challenges.                          


                2014                                      Program Coordinator – United Nations Environment Program, Economics and Trade Branch.

                Geneva, Switzerland         United Nations Environment Program (UNEP/DTIE)                                                                  


                2010                                       Research Intern – Project “Rolling behavior of cast particulate-reinforced Al. MMC”.

                Clausthal-Zel., Germany   Clausthal University of Technology – Institute of Merallurgy                                                      


                2008                                       Research Intern – Project “Characterization of a new category of advanced high strength steel”.

                Clausthal-Zel., Germany   Clausthal University of Technology – Institute of Merallurgy.