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Isabelle Bertrand

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  • I. Bertrand, Laetitia Albertini, Janine Schwartzbrod. Comparison of Two Target Genes for Detection and Genotyping of Giardia lamblia in Human Feces by PCR and PCR-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, American Society for Microbiology, 2005, 43 (12), pp.5940 - 5944. 〈10.1128/JCM.43.12.5940-5944.2005〉. 〈hal-01792661〉
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  • Adrien Brié, Ravo Razafimahefa, Nicolas Boudaud, Christophe Gantzer, Isabelle Bertrand. The effect of heat treatment on the surface properties of murine norovirus. 4th Food and Environmental Virology Conference, 2016, Kusatsu, Japan. 〈hal-01803288〉

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  • Isabelle Bertrand. Détection et génotypage des kystes de Giardia lamblia à partir de matrices environnementales et d'échantillons biologiques. Autre. Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy 1, 2005. Français. 〈NNT : 2005NAN12509〉. 〈tel-01748156〉