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  • T.-D. Nguyen, A. Labed, R. El Zein, S. Lavandier, F. Bedu, et al.. A field effect transistor biosensor with a γ-pyrone derivative engineered lipid-sensing layer for ultrasensitive Fe3+ion detection with low pH interference. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Elsevier, 2014, 54, pp.571-577. <hal-00975056>
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  • Georgi I. Petrov, Vladislav I. Shcheslavskiy, Igor Ozerov, E. Chelnokov, Wladimir Marine, et al.. Extremely efficient direct third harmonic generation in thin nanostructured films of ZnO. Kenneth L. Schepler, Dennis D. Lowenthal. 2004, pp.166-172, 2004, Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials, Devices, and Applications III. <10.1117/12.531623>. <hal-00002218>
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  • Igor Ozerov, Daniel Pailharey, Wladimir Marine, Suzanne Giorgio. Synthèse contrôlée de nano-agrégats d'oxyde de zinc par ablation laser. Modification des films par recuit laser et passivation par hydrogène.. 8ème Congrès de la Societé Française des Microscopies, « Microscopies en Méditerranée » MIMEA-2003, 2003, Toulon, France. 2003. <hal-00002157>

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  • Igor Ozerov, Francoise Chabre, Wladimir Marine. Incorporation of cobalt into ZnO nanoclusters. 2005. <hal-00005799>
  • Alexander Bulgakov, Igor Ozerov, Wladimir Marine. Laser ablation synthesis of zinc oxide clusters: a new family of fullerenes?. 2003. <hal-00000864>