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Hervé Macarie is a research officer at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD ex-ORSTOM). In this position since October 1994, he has developed research on the technological and the microbiological aspects (taxonomy & ecology) of the anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater and he has both an experience at lab and full scale (up to reactors of 20,000 m3). One of his main interests has been for the anaerobic degradation of xenobiotic compounds such as terephthalic acid and pentachlorophenol and the development of synchronous anaerobic/aerobic systems to achieve the full mineralization of this last compound. Since 2008, his research has been almost entirely focused on the microbial degradation of chlordecone, an organochlorine insecticide classified as POP that was once used against the banana black weevils and that is now responsible, 24 years after the ban of its utilization, of a health, environmental, economic and social crisis in the French West Indies islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Along his career, he has been successively in position in Canada (postdoctoral fellow, BRI, NRC, 1992-1994), Mexico (visiting Professor, UAM-Iztapalapa, 1995-2000), continental France (Aix Marseille University, 2001-2010) and Martinique (CAEC, 2011-2014). Since 2015 he is back to Aix Marseille University and IMBE (Mediterranean Institute for Marine and Continental Biodiversity and Ecology) where he pursues his research on the theoretical and experimental aspects of chlordecone degradation with the objective to understand the factors limiting its natural attenuation and the possibility to manipulate them in order to propose a bioremediation process to decontaminate the polluted soils.

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Communication dans un congrès2 documents

  • Mathieu Luglia, Hervé Macarie, Claude Charpy-Roubaud, Jean-Paul Ambrosi, Gilbert Mille, et al.. Évaluation de la contamination des sédiments des mangroves de Martinique par des pesticides agricoles (chlordécone, cadusaphos) et des polluants urbains (ETM, HAP) : incidences sur les activités respiratoires et la diversité catabolique des communautés microbiennes. 44ème congrès du Groupe Français des Pesticides, May 2014, Fort-de-France, Martinique. 〈hal-01451214〉
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  • Hervé Macarie, Igor Novak, Isabel Sastre-Conde, Yoan Labrousse, Alain Archelas, et al.. Theoretical approach to chlordecone biodegradation. Magalie Lesueur Jannoyer, Philippe Cattan, Thierry Woignier, Florence Clostre. Crisis management of chronic pollution : contaminated soil and human health, CRC Press, pp.191-209, 2016, 9781498737838. 〈ird-01559694v3〉

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  • Roberto Candal, Gustavo Curutchet, Lilian Domínguez-Montero, Hervé Macarie, Hector Poggi-Varaldo, et al.. Environmental biotechnology and engineering : ISEBE advances 2016. ISEBE : International Symposium of Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering, Jul 2016, San Martin, Argentina. Cinvestav, 2017, 978-607-9023-51-5. 〈hal-01817008〉