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Hervé Bredin - Publications

Johann Poignant   

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  • Pierrick Bruneau, Mickaël Stefas, Johann Poignant, Hervé Bredin, Claude Barras. Post-Hoc Interactive Analytics of Errors in the Context of a Person Discovery Task. IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia 2016, IEEE Computer Society, Jan 2016, San Jose, United States. ⟨hal-01701954⟩
  • Pierrick Bruneau, Mickaël Stefas, Hervé Bredin, Johann Poignant, Thomas Tamisier, et al.. A Visual Analytics Approach to Finding Factors Improving Automatic Speaker Identifications. International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, Jan 2015, Seattle, United States. ⟨hal-01836455⟩