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Journal articles2 documents

  • Pierre Chobeau, Gwenael Guillaume, Judicaël Picaut, David Ecotière, Guillaume Dutilleux. A Transmission Line Matrix model for sound propagation in arrays of cylinders normal to an impedance plane. Journal of Sound and Vibration, Elsevier, 2017, 389, pp.454--467. ⟨10.1016/j.jsv.2016.11.005⟩. ⟨hal-02915532⟩
  • Erwan Bocher, Gwendall Petit, Judicaël Picaut, Nicolas Fortin, Gwenael Guillaume. Collaborative noise data collected from smartphones. Data in Brief, 2017, ⟨10.1016/j.dib.2017.07.039⟩. ⟨halshs-01567440⟩

Conference papers5 documents

  • Erwan Bocher, Gwenael Guillaume, Sébastien Guyon, Nicolas Fortin, Pierre Aumond. Noise Mapping based on OpenStreetMap data. 48th International Congress and Exhibition on Noise Control Engineering (INTER-NOISE 2019), Jun 2019, Madrid, Spain. ⟨hal-02387410⟩
  • Judicaël Picaut, Pierre Aumond, Arnaud Can, Nicolas Fortin, Benoit Gauvreau, et al.. Noise mapping based on participative measurements with a smartphone. Acoustics '17 Boston, Acoustical Society of America through AIP Publishing LLC, Jun 2017, Boston, United States. pp.3808, ⟨10.1121/1.4988415⟩. ⟨halshs-01565214⟩
  • Erwan Bocher, Gwendall Petit, Nicolas Fortin, Judicaël Picaut, Gwenael Guillaume, et al.. OnoM@p : a Spatial Data Infrastructure dedicated to noise monitoring based on volunteers measurements. Open Source Geospatial Research & Education Symposium, Oct 2016, PERUGIA, Italy. ⟨halshs-01381803⟩
  • Gwenael Guillaume, Benoît Gauvreau, Michel Berengier, Vincent Gary, David Gaudin, et al.. A numerical and experimental study of micrometeorological effects on urban sound propagation. Internoise 2011, Sep 2011, Japan. 6p. ⟨hal-00906938⟩
  • Gwenaël Guillaume, Christophe Ayrault, M. Berengier, I. Calmet, V. Gary, et al.. Micrometeorological effects on urban sound propagation : A numerical and experimental study. 10th Urban Environnement Symposium Urban Futures for a Sustainable World, Jun 2010, France. 10p. ⟨hal-00636931⟩

Other publications2 documents

  • Erwan Bocher, Gwendall Petit, Judicaël Picaut, Nicolas Fortin, Gwenael Guillaume. Noise mapping based on participative measurements. 2018. ⟨halshs-01753186⟩
  • Erwan Bocher, Judicaël Picaut, Gwenaël Guillaume, Gwendall Petit, Nicolas Fortin, et al.. Crowdsourcing of Noise Map Pollution using Smartphones: Journées des Laboratoires SIG de Suisse romande. 2015. ⟨halshs-01164870⟩