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Gilles Guerassimoff


Centre for Applied Mathematics / MINES ParisTech


Energy Systems Optimization, modeling & control

Involved in several projects funded by the European Commission or industrial partners.

Numerical design (on behalf of the research center of "Gaz de France") of several energy control systems (pressure control, natural gas engine, building and gas heater control…) Development of simulators under the "Allan.simulation" environment (software equivalent to Matlab/Simulink).

Design of a control algorithm for the heating and cooling of buildings with ice storage, based on a fuzzy logic approach (European project OPTINER : Optimisation of Inertial Effect).More recently involved in decision making algorithms design based on Data Science including behavioral aspects for start-up and SME for residential and tertiary buildings automation for energy efficiency (WattGo, SmartEnCo GridTeams, E3DEnvironement).

   Prospective studies

Involved in several project for the modeling of energy systems in order to make prospective studies for decision making (RES2020 (European funding), Valerbio (foundation funding)). Supervising PhD in collaboration with EDF and participate into the Chair “Modeling for Sustainable Development” to enhance the energy systems modeling.


Organization of workshops, field trips, coordination of book publications

Member of the editorial committee of the book editor “Presses des Mines” and Responsible for the sustainable development collection

Reviewer for scientific publication, expert for ADEME, AGORANOV, GICC

John Sandoval-Moreno   

Conference papers2 documents

  • Louis Polleux, Thierry Schuhler, Gilles Guerassimoff, Jean-Paul Marmorat, John Sandoval-Moreno. Increasing the accuracy of PV plants and power system dynamic models: a comparison of benefits for battery capacity sizing. 12th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE2020), Dec 2020, Bangkok, Thailand. ⟨hal-03082386⟩
  • Louis Polleux, John Sandoval-Moreno, Gilles Guerassimoff, Jean-Paul Marmorat. Impacts of thermal generation flexibility on power quality and LCOE of industrial off-grid power plants. 11th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE2019), Aug 2019, Västerås, Sweden. ⟨hal-02543051⟩