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Immobilization of Actinides by Electropolymerization of Acrylonitrile : Application to the Preparation of Alpha Spectroscopy Sources

L. Martinot1 / M. Mertens2 / L. Lopes3 / C. Calberg2 / P. Faack1 / M. Krausch1 / J. Guillaume4 / G. Ghitti5 / J. Marien5 / J. Riga6 / R. Jérôme2 / J. Schrijnemackers7

Radiochimica Acta Volume 75, Issue 2 (Nov 1996)

"On line study of photochemical reaction by electrospray mass spectrometry" L. Steinwehe, E. De Pauw, G. Ghitti  "Comparison betwen ESI and LSIMS of coordination complexes" E. De Pauw, C. Colette, G. Ghitti, A. Dumont, J-F Dereux


Differentiation between stoichiometric and anticatalytic antioxidant properties of benzoic acid analogues: A structure/redox potential relationship study Thierry Franck a,b,c , Ange Mouithys-Mickalad a , Thierry Robert c , Gianangelo Ghitti c , Ginette Deby-Dupont a , Philippe Neven d , Didier Serteyn a,

 Chemico-Biological Interactions 206 (2013) 194–203

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  • Gianangelo Ghitti. Modification des propriétés aux interfaces d'homopolymères par des copolymères fluorés. Polymères. Université de Liège, 1994. Français. 〈tel-01340840〉