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Full professor Nicolas Fressengeas

Lorraine university full professor

Details and opinions in French :

"A. Ruso"   

Conference papers4 documents

  • A. Ruso, N. Fressengeas, M. Aillerie. Engraving and study of an optical waveguide in a LiNbO3:Fe crystal fiber. PR 09, Jun 2009, Germany. pp.1-15. ⟨hal-00397472⟩
  • A. Novoselov, A. Ruso, M. Aillerie, M. Ferriol, M. Cochez, et al.. Micro-pulling-down growth and optical waveguide engraving in Fe-doped LiNbO3 single crystal fibers. NMDT 2009, May 2009, Algeria. ⟨hal-00397593⟩
  • M. Aillerie, M. Ferriol, M. Cochez, N. Fressengeas, P. Bourson, et al.. Lithium niobate crystal fibers : a new substrate design for optoelectronic applications. I.C.R.E.S.D. 2007, International Conference for Renewable Energies and Sustained Development, May 2007, Tlemcen, Algeria. ⟨hal-00338340⟩
  • M. Aillerie, M. Ferriol, P. Bourson, M. Cochez, N. Fressengeas, et al.. De la croissance de matériau aux applications optoélectroniques: Les fibres cristallines de Niobate de Lithium. Journées CNR-IUT Thionville, 2007, Thionville, France. ⟨hal-00334594⟩