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Frédérique Courant

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  • Radia Bousoumah, Jean Philippe Antignac, Valérie Camel, Marina Grimaldi, Patrick Balaguer, et al.. Development of a molecular recognition based approach for multi-residue extraction of estrogenic endocrine disruptors from biological fluids coupled to liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry measurement. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Springer Verlag, 2015, 407 (29), pp.8713-8723. 〈10.1007/s00216-015-9024-4〉. 〈hal-01561611〉
  • Jean-Charles Martin, Mathieu Maillot, Gerard Mazerolles, Alexandre Verdu, Bernard Lyan, et al.. Can we Trust Untargeted Metabolomics: Results of the Metabo-ring Initiative, a Large-scale Multi-instruments Inter-laboratoire Study. Metabolomics, Springer Verlag, 2015, 11 (4), pp.807-821. 〈10.1007/s11306-014-0740-0〉. 〈hal-01123343〉
  • Clémentine Le Boucher, Frédérique Courant, Anne Lise Royer, Sophie Jeanson, Sylvie Lortal, et al.. LC–HRMS fingerprinting as an efficient approach to highlight fine differences in cheese metabolome during ripening. Metabolomics, Springer Verlag, 2015, 11, pp.1117-1130. 〈10.1007/s11306-014-0769-0〉. 〈hal-01209768〉
  • Edith Guibert, Bérénice Prieur, Ronan Cariou, Frédérique Courant, Jean Philippe Antignac, et al.. Effects of mono-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (MEHP) on chicken germ cells cultured in vitro. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Springer Verlag, 2013, 20 (5), pp.2771-83. 〈10.1007/s11356-013-1487-2〉. 〈hal-01129730〉
  • Frédérique Courant, Jean-Philippe Antignac, Daniel Maume, Fabrice Monteau, François André, et al.. Determination of naturally occurring estrogens and androgens in retail samples of milk and eggs. Food Additives and Contaminants, 2007, 24 (12), pp.1358-1366. 〈10.1080/02652030701329637〉. 〈hal-00577452〉

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  • Rémy Coat, Boris Gouilleux, Gérald Thouand, Ali Assaf, Abdellah Arhaliass, et al.. Characterizing the Spoilage of Egg Products using Targeted and Non-targeted Approaches. Alteration of Ovoproducts, ISTE Editions, 302 p., 2018, 9781785482717. 〈10.1016/B978-1-78548-271-7.50003-1〉. 〈hal-01861716〉