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Frederic Sart


My research focuses on three distinct areas: modal logic, actuarial science and fixed point theory.


Contribution to modal logic

Extension of Wittgenstein's analysis of propositions to deontic logic. Basically, I extend what Wittgenstein calls the description of the world (see §4.26 of the Tractatus logico-philosophicus) by adding to it a deontic component, defined in the most natural way.


Contribution to actuarial science

Extension to participating contracts of the exact cash flow matching technique, which requires only fixed income securities. For this purpose, I assume that profit sharing as well as policyholder behavior are endogenous. These two assumptions are crucial in that they allow me to find – as in the Black-Scholes model – an investment strategy that eliminates risk and thus makes the valuation of these contracts deterministic. Mathematically, this amounts to formulating the problem in terms of a fixed point equation. Since very few iterations are needed to obtain an accurate result, this makes it an attractive alternative to stochastic modeling.


Contribution to fixed point theory

Proof of a fixed point theorem for triangular mappings.




Journal articles1 document

  • Frédéric Sart. On the hedging of liabilities with an endogenous profit sharing mechanism. Bulletin Français d'Actuariat, Institut des Actuaires, 2016, 16 (31), pp.139-155. ⟨hal-01574949⟩

Theses1 document

  • Frédéric Sart. Éléments de logique aléthico-déontique. Logique [math.LO]. Université de Nantes UFR Lettres, 2000. Français. ⟨tel-03311426⟩