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Frédéric GEORGI

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  • Cecilie Duhamel, Mohamed Sennour, Frédéric Georgi, Catherine Guerre, Elizabeth Chaumun, et al.. Characterization of oxide scales formed on alloy 82 in nominal PWR primary water at 340 °C and in hydrogenated steam at 400 °C. Corrosion Science, Elsevier, 2018, 131, pp.386-403. 〈10.1016/j.corsci.2017.11.029〉. 〈hal-01674366〉
  • Estefania Boix, Frédéric Georgi, Patrick Navard. Influence of alkali and Si-based treatments on the physical and chemical characteristics of miscanthus stem fragments. Industrial Crops and Products, Elsevier, 2016, 91, pp. 6-14. 〈10.1016/j.indcrop.2016.06.030〉. 〈hal-01354141〉
  • Christian Beauger, Laetitia Testut, Sandrine Berthon-Fabry, Frédéric Georgi, Laure Guétaz. Doped TiO2 aerogels as alternative catalyst supports for proton exchange membrane fuel cells: A comparative study of Nb, V and Ta dopants. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Elsevier, 2016, 232, pp.109-118. 〈10.1016/j.micromeso.2016.06.003〉. 〈hal-01327894〉
  • Frédéric Georgi, Evelyne Darque-Ceretti, Bernard Monasse. Effect of injection and flaming of a formulated polypropylene on the mechanical adhesion of a paint. Annales de Chimie - Science des Matériaux, Lavoisier, 2003, 28 (3), pp.43-54. 〈10.1016/s0151-9107(03)00051-5〉. 〈hal-00673987〉
  • Tomasz Sterzynski, Morand Lambla, Frédéric Georgi, Michel Thomas. Studies of the Trans-Quinacridone Nucleation of Poly-(ethylene-b-propylene). International Polymer Processing, 1997, 12 (1), pp.64 - 71. 〈10.3139/217.970064〉. 〈hal-01444006〉

Communication dans un congrès5 documents

  • Catheline Cazako, Karim Inal, Alain Burr, Frédéric Georgi, Rodolphe Cauro. Discharge frequency and reagents choice effects on robustness of silicon nitride (Si3N4) thin layers deposited by PECVD (Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition). European Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, Jun 2017, Nice, France. 〈hal-01721378〉
  • Catheline Cazako, Karim Inal, Alain Burr, Frédéric Georgi. The impact of nitrogen plasma treatments on SixNyHz moisture sensitivity. Conference on Plasma Based Ion Implantation & Deposition, Oct 2017, Shanghai, France. 〈hal-01721379〉
  • Frédéric Georgi, Romain Macabies, Muriel Bouttemy, Damien Aureau, Karim Inal. Etude XPS de la ré-oxydation de films de Nichrome dans la chambre d'analyse lors du profilage séquentiel par érosion. ELSPEC'16, 7eme conférence francophone sur les spectroscopies d’électrons, May 2016, Versailles_Meudon, France. 〈hal-01444740〉
  • Frédéric Georgi. Re-oxidation of NiCr thin film during XPS analysis. Nanoscale Materials User Meeting , Feb 2015, East Grinstead United Kingdom. 〈hal-01444777〉
  • Eponine Raynaud, Evelyne Darque-Ceretti, Bernard Monasse, Philippe Duquesne, Frédéric Georgi. Visual defects of painted surfaces on ABS/PC injected parts. MATERIALS & SENSATIONS 2008, Oct 2008, Pau, France. 〈hal-01444604〉