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Frédéric DIAZ Marine Biogeochemistry : data and modelling

My main research activity affects the development and the use of models of marine plankton ecosystem. The type of models that is developed reproduces the ecological and biogeochemical interactions arising between the first trophic levels of the microbial community (phytoplankton, bacterioplankton and zooplankton) in the Mediterranean Sea particularly. The development of the latter models and especially, the theoretical representation of the interactions between the planktonic functional key-groups are performed with the help of the experimental specialists on the biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen, silicon, phosphorus and iron.

The models of pelagic ecosystem developed (Eco3M) are coupled with model reproducing the hydrodynamics (SYMHONIE model, NEMOMED12). To couple the two latter types of models is able to assess the impact of the hydrodynamic processes on the spatial and temporal structuring of the planktonic community or also, to assess the amount and the dominant ways of export of the organic matter produced from the euphotic zone.

Another activity of my work is to study the impact of the global change on the planktonic ecosystem through the consecutive alterations of the oceanic circulation. The impact of the climatic variations over an intra-decadal to decadal period has been especially investigated by forcing the coupled hydrodynamic/biogeochemical model with outputs of a meteorological forecasting model.

Journal articles34 documents

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  • Valerie Michotey, Aurelie Blanfuné, Cristele Chevalier, Marc Garel, Frédéric Diaz, et al.. In situ observations and modelling revealed environmental factors favouring occurrence of Vibrio in microbiome of the pelagic Sargassum responsible for strandings. Science of the Total Environment, Elsevier, 2020, 748, pp.141216. ⟨10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.141216⟩. ⟨hal-02933822⟩
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Poster communications1 document

  • Philippe Drobinski, Alesandro Anav, Cindy Lebeaupin-Brossier, Guillaume Samson, Marc Stéfanon, et al.. HyMeX - Model of the Regional Coupled Earth system (MORCE): application to process and climate studies in the Mediterranean region. WCRP Open Science Conference, Oct 2011, Denver, United States. pp.TH224A, 2011. ⟨hal-00668530⟩

Conference papers2 documents

  • Daniela Bӑnaru, Frédéric Diaz, Francois Carlotti, Mireille Harmelin-Vivien, C. F. Boudouresque. Gulf of Lions: the contribution of ecosystem knowledge to the Ecosystem-Based Management of Fisheries. GECOMARS 2020, International Workshop on Ecosystem Based Management, Feb 2020, Marseille, France. ⟨hal-03024588⟩
  • Anne Petrenko, Andrea M. Doglioli, Marion Kersale, Francesco Nencioli, Francesco d'Ovidio, et al.. Coastal mesoscale processes and submesoscale horizontal diffusivity during LATEX. SYNBIOS, Jul 2015, Paris, France. ⟨hal-01167252⟩

Habilitation à diriger des recherches1 document

  • Frederic Diaz. Impact de la variabilité des processus physiques sur la dynamique biogéochimique du réseau trophique planctonique et sur les bilans d’éléments biogènes dans l’Océan. Application à la mer Méditerranée. Océan, Atmosphère. Aix Marseille Université, 2014. ⟨tel-02050015⟩