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  • Nathalie Cosquer, Emeric Lefebvre, Bénédicte Douziech, Sylvie Houille, François Michaud, et al.. Nickel precursors based on diamagnetic and paramagnetic di(imine)pyridine ligands for magnetic materials: Synthesis, X-ray structures and magnetic studies. Inorganica Chimica Acta Reviews, Elsevier, 2018, 479, pp.1 - 9. 〈〉. 〈10.1016/j.ica.2018.04.026〉. 〈hal-01774840〉
  • Cle Donacier Mekuimemba, Françoise Conan, Antonio J. Mota, Maria A. Palacios, Enrique Colacio, et al.. On the magnetic coupling and spin crossover behavior in complexes containing the head-to-tail [FeII2(-SCN)2] bridging unit: A magneto-structural experimental and theoretical study. Inorganic Chemistry, American Chemical Society, In press, 〈10.1021/acs.inorgchem.7b03082〉. 〈hal-01702694〉
  • Karine Deniel, Nathalie Cosquer, Françoise Conan, Smail Triki, Carlos J. Gomez-Garcia. Coordination polymers based on bridging cyanocarbanions and bis-tridentate p-phenylenediamine ligands. Polyhedron, Elsevier, 2017, 125, pp.50 - 56. 〈〉. 〈10.1016/j.poly.2016.09.023〉. 〈hal-01539228〉
  • Karine Déniel, Kahina Nebbali, Nathalie Cosquer, Françoise Conan, Carlos Gómez-García, et al.. Polypyridyl-based Cu(II) coordination polymers: Synthesis, structural and magnetic characterizations. Polyhedron, Elsevier, 2015, 97, pp.253-259. 〈〉. 〈10.1016/j.poly.2015.05.032〉. 〈hal-01532319〉
  • Ana Gabriela Porras Gutiérrez, Joceline Zeitouny, Antoine Gomila, Bénédicte Douziech, Nathalie Cosquer, et al.. Insights into water coordination associated with the Cu(II)/Cu(I) electron transfer at a biomimetic Cu centre.. Dalton Transactions, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014, 43 (17), pp.6436-45. 〈10.1039/c3dt53548g〉. 〈hal-01066935〉
  • Antoine Gomila, Bénédicte Douziech, Nathalie Cosquer, Nicolas Le Poul, François Michaud, et al.. Aza and cyanobridged tripodal dinuclear copper(II) complexes: Electrochemical studies and structural evidence for an original azacyanocarbanion. Inorganica Chimica Acta, Elsevier, 2014, 411, pp.67--76. 〈10.1016/j.ica.2013.11.024〉. 〈hal-01175761〉
  • Sebastien Lhenry, Yann R Leroux, Christophe Orain, Françoise Conan, Nathalie Cosquer, et al.. Locally Induced and Self-Induced "Electroclick" onto a Self-Assembled Monolayer: Writing and Reading with SECM under Unbiased Conditions. Langmuir, American Chemical Society, 2014, 30 (15), pp.4501-4508. 〈10.1021/la405005f〉. 〈hal-01151703〉
  • Antoine Gomila, Nicolas Le Poul, Jean-Michel Kerbaol, Nathalie Cosquer, Smail Triki, et al.. Electrochemical behavior and dioxygen reactivity of tripodal dinuclear copper complexes linked by unsaturated rigid spacers. Dalton Transactions, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013, 42 (6), pp.2238--2253. 〈10.1039/c2dt31456h〉. 〈hal-01175767〉
  • Christophe Orain, Ana Gabriela Porras-Gutierrez, Ferdinand Evoung Evoung, Catherine Charles, Nathalie Cosquer, et al.. Electrocatalytic reduction of nitrite ions by a copper complex attached as SAMs on gold by "self-induced electroclick": Enhancement of the catalytic rate by surface coverage decrease. Electrochemistry Communications, Elsevier, 2013, 34, pp.204--207. 〈10.1016/j.elecom.2013.06.014〉. 〈hal-01175764〉
  • Christophe Orain, Nicolas Le Poul, Antoine Gomila, Jean-Michel Kerbaol, Nathalie Cosquer, et al.. A Generic Platform for the Addressable Functionalisation of Electrode Surfaces through Self-Induced "Electroclick". CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, 2012, 18 (2), pp.594--602. 〈10.1002/chem.201102620〉. 〈hal-01175769〉
  • Chahlae Atmani, Fatima El Hajj, Samia Benmansour, Mathieu Marchivie, Smail Triki, et al.. Guidelines to design new spin crossover materials. Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Elsevier, 2010, 254 (13-14), pp.1559 - 1569. 〈〉. 〈10.1016/j.ccr.2009.11.004〉. 〈hal-01577333〉
  • Antoine Gomila, Nicolas Le Poul, Nathalie Cosquer, Jean-Michel Kerbaol, Jean-Marc Noël, et al.. Self-induced "electroclick" immobilization of a copper complex onto self-assembled monolayers on a gold electrode. Dalton Transactions, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010, 39 (48), pp.11516--11518. 〈10.1039/c0dt01093f〉. 〈hal-01175772〉
  • Nicolas Le Poul, Bénédicte Douziech, J. Zeitouny, G. Thiabaud, H. Colas, et al.. Mimicking the protein access channel to a metal center: effect of a funnel complex on dissociative versus associative copper redox chemistry. Journal of the American Chemical Society, American Chemical Society, 2009, 131, pp.17800-17807. 〈American Chemical Society〉. 〈10.1021/ja9055905〉. 〈hal-00467992〉
  • Nicolas Bernier, Mustapha Allali, Raphaël Tripier, Françoise Conan, Véronique Patinec, et al.. New side-bridged bismacrocycles and cross-bridged macrotricycles. Syntheses and Cu(ii) complexation study. New Journal of Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2006, 30 (3), 〈10.1039/B515150C〉. 〈hal-01582163〉
  • Emeric Lefebvre, Françoise Conan, Nathalie Cosquer, Jean Kerbaol, Mathieu Marchivie, et al.. Syntheses, structural characterisation and magnetic properties of Fe(ii) and Mn(ii) compounds with the pentacyanopropenido ligand; structural characterisation of a substituted pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine. New Journal of Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2006, 30 (8), pp.47 - 52. 〈10.1039/B605030A〉. 〈hal-01582948〉
  • Nathalie Cosquer, Benoît Le Gall, Françoise Conan, Jean Kerbaol, Jean Sala-Pala, et al.. Carbonylmolybdenum complexes with di(imino)pyridine and related ligands: Reduction of a di(imino)pyridine to an aminoiminopyridine system under mild conditions. Inorganica Chimica Acta Reviews, Elsevier, 2006, 359 (13), pp.4311 - 4316. 〈10.1016/j.ica.2006.06.005〉. 〈hal-01582951〉
  • B. Le Gall, Françoise Conan, J.-M. Kerbaol, J. Pala Sala, E. Vigier, et al.. Quadruply-bonded dimolybdenum compounds: Reactivity towards TCNE. Structural evidences for the 1-D polymer [Mo2(O2 CCF3)4(TCNE)]∞. Comptes Rendus Chimie, 2005, 8 (6-7 SPEC. ISS.), pp.977-984. 〈10.1016/j.crci.2004.09.018〉. 〈hal-01763742〉
  • Françoise Conan, B. Le Gall, J.-M. Kerbaol, S. Le Stang, J. Sala-Pala, et al.. Electrochemical, spectroscopic, and structural evidence for the mild hydrolysis of tetracyanoethylene, TCNE, to form the 2,3,3-tricyanoacrylamidate ligand: Isolation of an unexpected quadruply-bonded polymeric material [Mo 2(O2CCMe3)3((NC) 2CC(CN)CONH)]∞. Inorganic chemistry, 2004, 43 (12), pp.3673-3681. 〈10.1021/ic0351186〉. 〈hal-01763873〉
  • B. Le Gall, Françoise Conan, J.-M. Kerbaol, M.M. Kubicki, E. Vigier, et al.. Unprecedented reactivity of a Schiff base ligand in the co-ordination sphere of copper(I) complex towards β-diketones. Synthesis and X-ray characterisation of a new copper(I) complex. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2002, 336, pp.87--90. 〈10.1016/S0020-1693(02)00870-8〉. 〈hal-01771330〉
  • B. Le Gall, Françoise Conan, Nathalie Cosquer, J.-M. Kerbaol, M.M. Kubicki, et al.. Unexpected behaviour of copper(I) towards a tridentate Schiff base: Synthesis, structure and properties of new Cu(I)-Cu(II) and Cu(II) complexes. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2001, 324 (1-2), pp.300-308. 〈10.1016/S0020-1693(01)00663-6〉. 〈hal-01770135〉
  • Françoise Conan, Damien Reardon, Sandro Gambarotta, Glenn Yap, Qinyang Wang. Life and death of an active ethylene polymerization catalyst. Ligand involvement in catalyst activation and deactivation during the polymerization catalyzed by a vanadium di-imine complex. Isolation and characterization of two unprecedented neutral and anionic vanadium (I) alkyls. . Journal of the American Chemical Society, American Chemical Society, 1999, 〈〉. 〈10.1021/ja990263x〉. 〈hal-01765391〉
  • Françoise Conan, J. Sala Pala, M.-T. Garland, R. Baggio. Synthesis and crystal structure of a new salt of the complex anion [(TCNQ)3]2- [Mo2(μ2-S2)2(S 2CNMe2)4] (TCNQ)3. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 1998, 278, pp.108--112. 〈10.1016/S0020-1693(97)06173-2〉. 〈hal-01770757〉
  • M. Decoster, Françoise Conan, Yves Le Mest, J. Sala Pala, A. Leblanc, et al.. Mono- and dinuclear oxomolybdenum complexes containing the [TCNQ].- radical anion. Crystal structure of [MoO(Et2NCS2)3]TCNQ.THF, an example of an almost perfectly eclipsed [(TCNQ)2]2- dimer. New journal of Chemistry, 1997, 21, pp.215--221. 〈hal-01770528〉

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  • Vincent Ribaud, Malou Alleno, Cassandra Balland, Esther Bernard, Néné Cissé, et al.. Eduquer en montrant l'exemple : les filles qui .... Didapro 7 – DidaSTIC : De 0 à 1 ou l’heure de l’informatique à l’école, Feb 2018, Lausanne, Suisse. 〈hal-01756177〉

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  • Malou Alleno, Cassandra Balland, Esther Bernard, Néné Cissé, Morgane Coat, et al.. Éduquer en montrant l'exemple: les filles qui… (descriptif de poster). Didapro 7 – DidaSTIC. De 0 à 1 ou l’heure de l’informatique à l’école, Feb 2018, Lausanne, Suisse. 〈hal-01753227〉