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  • Fiorella Allio. Matsu Enshrined in the Sanctuary of World Heritage: The 2009 Inscription of 'Mazu Belief and Customs' on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and the Role of Taiwan in Preserving the Cult of the Goddess. Wang Chien-chuan; Li Shiwei; Hong Yingfa. Yanjiu xin shijie: “Mazu yu Huaren minjian xinyang” guoji yantaohui lunwenji, Boyang, p. 91-180, 2014, 978-986-5757-17-5. <hal-01313874>
  • Fiorella Allio. The Embodiment of Time and Space in the Koah-hiun (刈香) Procession of Saikang, Tainan. Nanying History, Society and Culture III, 2014, 978-986-04-0026-7. <halshs-01216686>
  • Fiorella Allio. Introduction - Gods’ Imprints, Humans’ Technology – Religious maps, Satellite Imagery . Fiorella Allio; Fan I-chun. Atlas of the 2012 Religious Processions in the Tainan Region [臺南地區壬辰年 (2012) 遶境儀式香路圖圖集], pp.10-25, 2014, 978-986-04-1704-3. <hal-01313966>