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  • L. Sadori, I. Mazzini, C. Pepe, Jean-Philippe Goiran, E. Pleuger, et al.. Palynology and ostracodology at the Roman port of ancient Ostia (Rome, Italy). The Holocene, 2016, 26 (9), pp.1502-1512. <>. <hal-01384999>
  • C. Pepe, L. Sadori, Valérie Andrieu-Ponel, Ferréol Salomon, Jean-Philippe Goiran. Late Holocene pollen record from Fiume Morto (Dead River), a palaeomeander of Tiber River near Ancient Ostia (central Italy). Journal of Paleolimnology, Springer Verlag, 2016, pp.173-187. <hal-01384772>
  • Jean-Philippe Goiran, Salomon Ferréol, Jonatan Christiansen, Giulio Palumbi. Porto di Ostia : Ecco il porto che non c’era. Archeo : Attualità del Passato, Istituto geografico De Agostini (Novara), 2015, 366 (Agosto 2015), pp.50-59. <>. <hal-01248444>
  • Salomon Ferréol, Jean-Philippe Goiran, Jean Paul Bravard, Pascal Arnaud, Hatem Djerbi, et al.. A harbour–canal at Portus: a geoarchaeological approach to the Canale Romano: Tiber delta, Italy. Water History, 2014, Roman canals studies, 6 (1), pp.31-49. <>. <hal-01100426>
  • Jean-Paul Bravard, Ferreol Salomon, Hugo Delile, Jean-Philippe Goiran, Simon Keay. Characteristics of the Canale di Communicazione Traverso in Portus: the Roman maritime harbour below fluvial influence (Tiber delta, Italy). Geomorphologie -Paris-, Gfg, 2012, pp.75-90. <halshs-01233189>
  • Salomon Ferréol, Hugo Delile, Jean-Philippe Goiran, Jean-Paul Bravard, Simon Keay. The Canale di Comunicazione Traverso in Portus: the Roman sea harbour under river influence (Tiber delta, Italy): Etude du Canale di Comunicazione Traverso à Portus : le port maritime antique de Rome sous influence fluviale (delta du Tibre, Italie). Geomorphologie -Paris-, Gfg, 2012, pp.75-90. <10.4000/geomorphologie.9754>. <halshs-01099942>
  • Jean-Philippe Goiran, Hervé Tronchere, Ferréol Salomon, Pierre Carbonel, Hatem Djerbi, et al.. Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the ancient harbors of Rome: Claudius and Trajan's marine harbors on the Tiber delta. Quaternary International, Elsevier, 2010, 216 (1), pp.3-13. <halshs-00593114>
  • Hervé Tronchere, Ferreol Salomon, Yann Callot, Jean-Philippe Goiran, Laurent Schmitt, et al.. Geoarcheology of Avaris: first results. Ägypten und Levante / Egypt and the Levant, Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2008, 18, pp.327-339. <halshs-00660644>

Chapitre d'ouvrage2 documents

  • Jean-Philippe Goiran, Tronchère Hervé, Salomon Ferréol, Abel Prieur, Hatem Djerbi, et al.. The geoarchaeology of ancient Mediterranean harbours in deltaic context. Nathalie CARCAUD, Gilles ARNAUD-FASSETTA. French geoarchaeology in the 21st century, CNRS Alpha, pp.620, 2015, 978-2-271-07259-7. <>. <halshs-01252618>
  • Hervé Tronchère, Salomon Ferréol, Laurent Schmitt, Jean-Philippe Goiran, Yann Callot. Avaris et la branche pélusiaque du Nil. Penven M.J., Regnauld H., Mercier D. Mobilité des formes et surfaces terrestres. Des changements passés aux changements actuels., Presses Universitaires de Rennes, pp.123-139, 2011, Collection Espace et Territoires. <halshs-00662403>

Direction d'ouvrage, Proceedings2 documents

  • Louise Purdue, Salomon Ferréol, Jean François Berger, Jean-Philippe Goiran. Special Issue: Canal through time: towards a multidisciplinary and holistic study of water systems?. France. 7 (1), springer, 2015, Water History, <10.1007/s12685-015-0130-1>. <>. <halshs-01252621>
  • Louise Purdue, Salomon Ferréol, Jean-Philippe Goiran, Jean-François Berger. Roman canals studies. Purdue Louise; Salomon Ferréol; Goiran Jean-Philippe; Berger François. France. 6 (1), Springer, pp.1-113, 2014, Roman canals studies. <hal-01100437>

Autre publication1 document

  • Louise Purdue, Salomon Ferréol, Jean-Philippe Goiran, Jean-François Berger. Introduction to the special issue: Roman canals studies—main research aims. Introduction to the special issue: Roman canals studies—main research aims. 2014. <hal-01100445>