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"Hauke Harms"   

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  • Steve Chapman, Alexandre Buttler, Andre-Jean Francez, Fatima Laggoun-Défarge, Harri Vasander, et al.. Exploitation of northern peatlands and biodiversity maintenance: a conflict between economy and ecology.. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Ecological Society of America, 2003, 1 (10), pp.525-532. ⟨hal-00069337⟩

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  • E. Mitchell, Steve Chapman, Alexandre Buttler, Jean Combe, Andre-Jean Francez, et al.. Reconciling commercial exploitation of peat with biodiversity in peatland ecosystems (EU Project RECIPE). 7th INTECOL International, Wetlands Conference, 2004, Utrecht, Netherlands. ⟨hal-00090538⟩