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Fabrice Leclerc

CNRS senior scientist in the field of RNA bioinformatics at the University Paris Saclay. I develop and apply modeling approaches to understand the structure/function relationships of RNAs (sequence, 2D, and 3D structure). My research interests include RNomics (identification and characterization of non-coding RNA genes), computational enzymology (elucidate the catalysis by self-cleaving ribozymes), docking (model and predict RNA/protein interactions), and and fragment-based design of oligonucleotides.

"Alzheimer's disease"   

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  • Yoanna Álvarez-Ginarte, Elena Moreno-Castillo, Luis A Montero-Cabrera, Alberto Bencomo-Martínez, Roy González-Alemán, et al.. INTEGRATIVE MODEL OF RHODANINE DERIVATIVES AS TAU AGGREGATION INHIBITORS IN ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. BIOInfOMICs2019 IX International Meeting on Bioinformatics and OMICs, Oct 2019, Cayo Santa María, Cuba. ⟨hal-02318289v3⟩