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Fabien Gandon

Senior Researcher and Research Director at Inria, Ph.D. and HDR in Informatics and Computer Science

Leader of the Wimmics research team at Inria in the Research Center of Sophia-Antipolis and I3S CNRS, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (France)

Advisory Committee representative of Inria at the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

"Nicolas Marie"   

Conference papers6 documents

  • Nicolas Marie, Fabien Gandon, Alain Giboin, Emilie Palagi. Exploratory search on topics through different perspectives with DBpedia. SEMANTICS, Sep 2014, Leipzig, Germany. ⟨hal-01057031⟩
  • Nicolas Marie, Fabien Gandon. Survey of linked data based exploration systems. IESD 2014 - Intelligent Exploitation of Semantic Data, Oct 2014, Riva Del Garda, Italy. ⟨hal-01057035⟩
  • Nicolas Marie, Olivier Corby, Fabien Gandon, Ribière Myriam. Composite interests' exploration thanks to on-the-fly linked data spreading activation. 24th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media, May 2014, Paris, France. pp.31-40. ⟨hal-01057048⟩
  • Nicolas Marie, Fabien Gandon, Damien Legrand, Myriam Ribière. Exploratory search on the top of DBpedia chapters with the Discovery Hub application. European Semantic Web Conference, ESWC 2013, May 2013, Montpellier, France. ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-41242-4_21⟩. ⟨hal-01188678⟩
  • Nicolas Marie, Fabien Gandon, Ribière Myriam, Florentin Rodio. Discovery Hub: on-the-fly linked data exploratory search. I-Semantics 2013, Sep 2013, Graz, Austria. ⟨hal-01057056⟩
  • Nicolas Marie, Fabien Gandon. Social Objects Description and Recommendation in Multidimensional Social Networks: OCSO Ontology and Semantic Spreading Activation. 1st International Workshop on Social Object Networks (SocialObjects 2011), Oct 2011, Boston, United States. ⟨10.1109/PASSAT/SocialCom.2011.242⟩. ⟨hal-01171007⟩

Poster communications2 documents

  • Nicolas Marie, Fabien Gandon, Ribière Myriam. Pervasive sociality: advanced social objects recommendation. Web Science Conference 2011 (WebSci11), Jun 2011, Koblenz, Germany. ⟨hal-01170990⟩
  • Nicolas Marie, Fabien Gandon, Myriam Ribière. Vers des écosystèmes d'objets sociaux. Ingénierie des connaissances IC2011, May 2011, Chambéry, France. ⟨hal-01171032⟩