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Estelle Couallier - CNRS Researcher


Estelle Couallier is a CNRS researcher in GEPEA (Process Engineering for Environment and Food Laboratory). She obtained her chemical engineer diploma in 2001 and defended her PhD thesis on Process Engineering in 2004 (AgroParisTech). Her PhD thesis dealt with the reduction of water consumption in beet distilleries by recycling the condensates to the fermentation phase. She was assistant professor in CentraleSupélec for 8 years. She studied the use of membrane processes for the treatment of industrial wastewater. She investigated the organic compounds behavior during the filtration of complex mixtures at different scales, from the molecules aggregates to the process scale. She became CNRS researcher in 2013 and has been involved in the development of microalgae biorefinery. She has been developing a multiscale approach, to study the impact of the biomolecules organization in the disrupted cells mixtures, on their fractionation using membrane processes. Her project includes complex mixture characterization (composition and organization)- using chemical analysis, physico-chemical analysis and molecular dynamic simulations- and process engineering (cell disruption, cross-flow and dynamic filtration). Her project profits from fruitful scientific collaborations with several researchers from Nantes (GEPEA, INRA-BIA), Rennes (ISCR) and Paris (LCP, ESPCI).


Article dans une revue16 documents

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Communication dans un congrès6 documents

  • Laurent Chaunier, Benoit Duchemin, Estelle Couallier, Guy Della Valle, Denis Lourdin, et al.. Fusion Bonding Behavior of Plasticized Corn Proteins in Fused Deposition Modeling Process. 34th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS-32), May 2018, Taipei, Taiwan. 〈hal-01823576〉
  • Estelle Couallier. Fractionnement de biomolécules issues des microalgues: exemple du couplage entre broyage et filtration membranaire. Journée Microalgues du CEBB, Oct 2018, Reims - Pomacle, France. 〈hal-01893846〉
  • Sepideh Habibi, Fabien Bellet, Estelle Couallier, Filipa Lopes, Benoît Goyeau, et al.. Upscaled modeling of microfiltration membrane fouling by protein adsorption. 5th International Conference on Porous Media (Interpore 2013), May 2013, Prague, Czech Republic. 2 p., 2013. 〈hal-00829208〉
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  • L Villafaña López, E. Clavijo Rivera, Shuli Liu, Patrick Bourseau, Estelle Couallier, et al.. Shear-enhanced membrane filtration of synthetic microalgae lipids for applications in biorefinery. ISAP, 2017, Nantes, France. 〈hal-01896090〉