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CV de Esmaeil Seraj

Pré-publication, Document de travail2 documents

  • Reza Sameni, Esmaeil Seraj. A Robust Statistical Framework for Instantaneous Electroencephalogram Phase and Frequency Analysis. 2016. <hal-01355465>
  • Esmaeil Seraj, Reza Sameni. Robust Electroencephalogram Phase Estimation with Applications in Brain-computer Interface Systems. 2016. <hal-01378726>

Rapport1 document

  • Esmaeil Seraj. Cerebral Synchrony Assessment: A General Review on Cerebral Signals' Synchronization Estimation Concepts and Methods. [Research Report] Shiraz University. 2016. <hal-01376284v3>

Autre publication1 document

  • Esmaeil Seraj. Cerebral Signal Phase Analysis Toolbox -User Guide. A toolbox containing MATLAB functions for cerebral signal phase analysis. 2016. <hal-01376577>