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Equipe MeioMe, UMR 1318 Institut Jean Pierre Bourgin, INRA, centre de Versailles

I am a plant geneticist with a particular interest in the interplay between meiotic recombination and polyploidy (i.e. Whole Genome Duplications, WGDs). My work aims to determine how: (i) meiotic recombination is controlled in allopolyploid crop species (those with a hybrid origin), (ii) meiotic gene duplicates evolve post-WGDs and (iii) such improved knowledge on recombination be exploited for crop improvement. To address these questions, I am developing multidisciplinary approaches that combine genetic, genomic, cytological and bioinformatic methods. My main model species belongs to the tribe Brassicaceae: Brassica napus (cultivated as oilseed rape) and its progenitor species, Camelina sativa and Arabidopsis thaliana.

I have a series of operational and managerial duties, serving on different committees (evaluation committee of research professors and assistant professors in plant and animal genetics at INRAE; steering committee of Saclay Plant Sciences) and councils (doctoral school SEVE). I also coordinate a Workshop Series on Plant Genome Dynamics that brings together scientists working on Plant Genome organization, functioning and evolution.

Journal articles49 documents

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