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Pré-publication, Document de travail15 documents

  • Eric Amar. Nevanlinna classes for non radial weights in the unit disc. Applications. 2017. <hal-01478516>
  • Eric Amar, Pascal J. Thomas. CYCLICITY OF NON VANISHING FUNCTIONS IN THE POLYDISC. 2017. <hal-01453468>
  • Eric Amar. On the $L^{r}$ Hodge theory in complete non compact riemannian manifolds.. I correct misleading names and notations and made precise the meaning of the Hodge decompositions.. 2016. <hal-01168927v2>
  • Eric Amar, Bernard Chevreau, Isabelle Chalendar. Subspaces of $\displaystyle H^{p}$ linearly homeomorphic to $l^{p}.$. 2016. <hal-01343701>
  • Eric Amar. On estimates for the $\displaystyle \bar \partial $ equation in Stein manifolds.. I follow the nice suggestions done by the referee which substantially simplify the proof of theo.. 2016. <hal-01267008v4>
  • Eric Amar. Hörmander's solution of the ¯ ∂ -equation with compact support. 2016. <hal-01301669>
  • Eric Amar. The raising steps method. Applications to the $\displaystyle L^{r}$ Hodge theory in a compact riemannian manifold.. 2015. <hal-01158323>
  • Eric Amar. Interpolating sequences and Carleson measures in the Hardy-Sobolev spaces of the ball in $C^n$.. 2015. <hal-01194353>
  • Eric Amar. Serre duality and Hörmander's solution of the $\bar \partial $ -equation.. 2013. <hal-00915108>
  • Eric Amar. Estimates $ L^{r}-L^{s}$ for solutions of the $\bar \partial $ equation in strictly pseudo convex domains in ${\mathbb{C}}^{n}.$. The result in the case Lr-Ls were known, thank to the referee, even in the case of q-convex domai.. 2013. <hal-00922356v4>
  • Eric Amar. A subordination Principle. Applications.. A typo corrected : the (clearly) missing important letters "p.s.h." are added in the correct plac.. 2013. <hal-00591845v4>
  • Eric Amar. The raising steps method. Applications to the $\bar \partial $ equation in Stein manifolds.. Added another application to domain locally biholomorphic to convex domains of finite type. 2013. <hal-00922689v2>
  • Eric Amar. AN ANDREOTTI-GRAUERT THEOREM WITH $L^r$ ESTIMATES.. A minor mistake fixed. 2012. <hal-00676110v7>
  • Eric Amar. A weak notion of strict pseudo-convexity. Applications and examples. 2009. <hal-00394573>
  • Eric Amar. Analysis by discs. 11 pages. 2004. <hal-00583954>

Article dans une revue8 documents

  • Eric Amar, Samuel Mongodi. On $L^{r}$ hypoellipticity of solutions with compact support of the Cauchy-Riemann equation. Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata, Springer Verlag, 2014, 193 (4), pp.999-1018. <10.1007/s10231-012-0312-8>. <hal-01022852>
  • Eric Amar. On separated Carleson sequences in the unit disc of ${\mathbb{C}}.$. Publicacions Matemàtiques., 2014, 58 (2), pp.401-414. <hal-00624583v2>
  • Eric Amar, Andreas Hartmann. Uniform minimality, unconditionality and interpolation in backward shift invariant spaces. Annales de l'Institut Fourier, Association des Annales de l'Institut Fourier, 2010, 60 (1), pp.1879-1903. <hal-00355323>
  • Eric Amar. A Carleson type condition for interpolating sequences in the unit ball of $C^n$. Publicacions Matemàtiques, 2009, A paraitre. <hal-00268791>
  • Eric Amar. On linear extension for interpolating sequences. Studia Mathematica, INSTYTUT MATEMATYCZNY * POLSKA AKADEMIA NAUK, 2008, 186 (3), pp 251-265. <hal-00268783>
  • Eric Amar. Interpolating sequences, Carleson measures and Wirtinger inequality.. Annales Polonici Mathematici, 2008, 94 (1), pp 79-87. <hal-00268786>
  • Eric Amar. On interpolation of interpolating sequences.. Indagationes Mathematicae (New series), 2007, 18, pp.177-187. <hal-00268782>
  • Eric Amar, Nicolas Marco. A counter-example for the Bezout equation in the Hardy class $H^p$. J. Analyse Mathématiques, 2005, 95, pp.121-131. <hal-00268780>